Skincare tips for the dry season:

Having a dry skin this dry or harmattan season can make one feel ugly, lose self esteem and could be frustrating.

Below are tested and trusted skincare tips for the dry season…

1. Stay hydrated – drink at least 2L of water daily, preferably 3L.

2. Moisturize your skin immediately after a bath (within 3 mins of bathing). Emollients like plain shea butter and vaseline are more effective during the dry season.

3. Remember to keep a lip balm in your bag or pocket. Use to avoid painful chapped lips. Sometimes you may need to put a little in your nostrils as well!

4. It gets very hot during the day, so use sunscreen on exposed areas and use an umbrella when walking outdoors.
5. Wide brimmed hats and sunglasses are also protective.
6. Try to avoid long periods of sun exposure between 10am and 3pm when UV intensity is highest.
7. Wear light but long clothing (trousers, long sleeves) to protect your skin from dust.
8. Creams or serums containing niacinamide may also be helpful to retain skin moisture.
9. Please avoid very hot water, harsh soaps and medicated liquids. If you want to put anything in your bath water, put glycerin which also traps moisture on the skin.
10. Do not scrub: If your dry skin is already flaking, use your hands rather than a sponge or washcloth when you take a shower.
11. Don’t use harsh soaps: Harsh soaps with high pH cause dryness. Use mild soaps.
12. As much as possible, please stay away from the sun. You can use the umbrella sometimes, to protect you from the scorching sun.
13. Lip balm: Apply lip balm regularly. Carrying a tube of lip balm and applying it regularly throughout the day helps heal dry, broken and chapped lips. If your lips are really dry, dab on petroleum jelly before bed. Continuing to use lip balm once the lips heal can keep lips soft and supple.
14. Give you hands and feet a soft treat: Always have with you a good moisturizer that will prevent your hands and feet from cracks and drying out. If you find it comfortable, you can wear socks and gloves. Paying a visit to a certified podiatrist may not be a bad idea.
15. Minimize your coffee intake. Caffeine is a diuretic and diuretics eliminate fluid out of the body.
16. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables ..
Skincare tips for the dry season
Skincare remedy for the dry season
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