Why you should avoid hernia removal tea, is hernia treatment without surgery possible? 👇

Hernia aka ‘HighNia’, is basically the bulging of soft tissues through a defect in the abdominal wall. E.g: The intestines can bulge through a weak point into the scrotum= Inguino Scrotal hernia. So, quick question, what does your ‘Hernia Removal tea’, remove? Your intestines?

Hernia removal tea
Hernia removal tea will NOT treat your hernia, please see a doctor

A herniation can happen in the inguinal region (Common in children), it could also herniate to the scrotum, umblicus, into the chest wall through the diaphragm. This swelling can be reduced (disappear when pressed down) with no pain unless strangulated (Emergency).

Hernia’s are usually positive to pressure, e.g: a cough reflex. This means, when you cough, the swelling can just pop up. This happens because that pressure, pushes the soft tissue through the defect, into the abdominal wall. Treatment is best commenced when detected! Why?

Delay is dangerous. The hernia can become strangulated. This means, the defect or hole can slowly start constricting the neck of the intestinal loop. Pain sets in, blood supply is cut off, and necrosis (death of the tissue cells) sets in. This can lead to severe complications.

These complications range from loss of intestines, sepsis to death.

Q:But I bought one hernia removal tea?
A: The goal standard of treatment is surgical repair of the defect. What’s the role of the tea? To ‘remove’ your intestines? or the hole? Did you ask? Penny wise…
I know the fear associated with surgeries… but that shouldn’t lead you to choose an outright death sentence. All you have to do is choose a good hospital with experienced medical professionals to handle the case.
Don’t forget that diagnosis and treatment is best done by your Medical doctor/surgeon.
Take home message;
Anyone who tells you they have a drug, or herb or teas for removing or ‘dissolving’ Hernia… please FLEE from them, they don’t have your best interest at heart!
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