Artificial eyelashes are meant to enhance beauty and has cum to stay in the business of feminine fashion. The eyelashes itself has not direct effect on the eye as it is made of natural material such as silk, mink etc.

Aside from the possibility of trapping dirt and bacteria supposedly trapped when you are bathing or just about anytime, we shouldn’t worry about the lashes itself, but sadly I don’t need only lashes to shine, you need the adhesives and to glue the lashes on and these adhesives contain chemical constituents which individually has negative effects on the eye.

Artificial eyelashes
Artificial eyelashes being fixed by a lady. Take not of the glue
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One of the major reactions/effect of eye lash adhesives is allergic reaction. At least 75% of artificial lash users end up having allergic reactions at one time or the other due to the release of imflamatory agents called histamines by all or one of these chemicals namely cyanoacrylate base, latex and formaldehyde

Artificial lashes adhesive that contains any of these constituents can cause an allergic reaction which may cause severe or mild itching (especially in and around the eyeball), swollen eyelid, redness etc

False eyelashes adhesive can cause ocular chemical burns as a result of the benzoic acid in the adhesive coming in contact with the eye. Chemical burns in this respect can cause trauma, spontaneous peppery sensation, associated with redness, tearing and photophobia in no particular combination.

It can also cause inflammation and infection of the topical structures of the eye such as cornea, conjunctiva etc as a result of secondary response of the above mentioned complications or as a primary occurrence caused by ocular injuries during fixing and while scratching the eye with lashes on.

The tweets above are not meant to discourage ladies from use of artificial eye lashes but to educate you and equip you for the possible outcomes and how to possibly avoid or combat them to the barest minimum. We receive a lot of eye complaints from ladies who didn’t know lashes can ever be a problem.

Firstly, do not let your artificial lashes removal to be long overdue to avoid build up of debris and maybe bacteria on it, once it’s time to remove it, please take them and fix new ones if you wish. Things can rest on the lashes and later bring dust into the eye to cause infection.

Also not restricted to itching (especially within the bulbar conjunctiva; eye ball), if you usually experience itching each time you fix new eyelashes, then maybe it is time to look for an adhesive that lacks any of the aforementioned constituents.

As for chemical burns, this rarely occurs because the benzoic acid present in the artificial lash adhesive is in low concentrations but even at that, there are individuals who that it can be a problem to, if you suspect you are having a chemical burn, flush the eye immediately with water.

Finally, we must fix our eyelashes with a professional operator who wouldn’t cause abrasions on the eye after fixation.

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