Paul Anejodo, an abandoned boy with Buruli ulcer, now a medical doctor from Babcock University (photos)

18 years ago he was picked up from the streets with buruli ulcer related disease in Ile-Ife, he waited until he was 13 before he could start school. But today Paul Anejodo is a doctor from Babcock university.

Paul anejodo
A young paul with a buruli ulcer, notice the hand fan he uses to drive flies from his wound. 18 years ago


A Nigerian Based American Lady, Melissa Giebel, shares a Touching story of a Nigerian boy “Anejado Paul” who she picked on the street 18 years ago (abandoned with a disease) she took care of him, treated, trained him in school, now he is a medical Doctor.

Dr. Paul
Before and now pictures of Anejodo paul

Read Her testimony Below as shared on her facebook page……..

‘Guys! I am so excited!!!!! This last week my “adopted” brother became Dr Paul..Our family first met Anejodo Paul in a small remote village in central Nigeria about 18 1/2 years ago. I remember my heart breaking when I saw this kid under a tree swatting flies away from the raw and open tissue on his leg that had been caused by a flesh eating bacteria. Many months later, through the kindness of a donor in the U.S., he was brought to the SDA Hospital in Ile-Ife for treatment of his buruli ulcer related disease and complications. Over a year later, he came home to live with our family so that, at 13 years of age, he could start school. Did I mention he was 13 and starting first grade????
And this week, he got the news that he has passed his final medical school exams. Thanks to MANY miracles from God, the medical care provided by doctors at the SDA Hospital in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, the support of many who contributed to cover his school fees, and other needs through the years, his own persistence in spite of MANY obstacles, he is now Dr. Paul!!! We are all so proud of you, Paul! And I can’t wait to see where God continues to take you on this crazy journey he has had you on 💛

Paul Anejodo
Melissa Giebel shares the story on how they picked up Anejodo Paul from the streets and helped him become a medical doctor

He has also proposed to his heartroband they are getting married soon.

Anejodo paul
Dr. Anejodo Paul and heartrob

According to Sciencedaily, “Buruli ulcer is one of the most neglected among the Neglected Tropical Diseases and a debilitating and stigmatising disease. It affects mainly children in West and Central Africa, the chronic disease results in devastating skin lesions and can lead to permanent disfigurement and long-term disabilities. Buruli ulcer is caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans which belongs to the same family of bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) and leprosy. M. ulcerans is found in the environment and, despite considerable research efforts, the mode of transmission of the bacteria to humans remains unclear”.

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Source: Melissa Giebel


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