PLAB Pathway: Simple tips on how to get a UK Visa for PLAB 2 in Nigeria, PLAB 2 UK Visa requirements.

Passing IELTS, OET and PLAB is not easy i must confess but getting a UK visa to write plab part 2 could be a real pain in the ass for some people. Like everything else, some ascribe their success at it to luck, while others just believe if you put in the requirements and you’re home and dry.

It is expedient that you plan the timeline very well so you don’t rush or put yourself in an impossible position when your visa is approved. The rush can destabilise your exam preparation. You need to factor in academy time + practice which is approximately 4weeks.

Above everything else, and as with other visa applications, please be as honest as possible. You’re more likely to be disqualified for dishonesty that for having limited funds in your account. A quick list of things you need to have in check before you throw in your application.

1. Valid international passport

2. Proof of current employment/letter of employment+/- leave approval letter for the period you’re away

3. Plab 2 booking confirmation

4. Plab 1 (pass) result.

5. Account statement +/- Payslips

6. Evidence of asset and residence

7. Cover letter/other explanations

8. Evidence of home ties (marriage certificate etc)

9. A document that shows you’re a doctor.. medical certificate, license etc.

10. Any other document you think may be useful

So how much do you need to have in your account before you apply?

You need a 3-6months account statement to apply, and you should have enough to cover your expenses during the trip. If you are using a sponsor, you still need to add your own account statement to your application.

You should have your application ready, checked for errors and submitted at least 3 months before your exams. You should submit early enough so you can factor in tutorials. Exam preparation will come in a separate thread in a bit. If you have queries, we’re happy to answer.

I know securing Visa for PLAB 2 could be frustrating, but following this simple tips and planning ahead of time will come in handy. Trust me.

Thank you

UK Visa for PLAB 2 in Nigeria
Securing UK Visa for PLAB 2 in Nigeria

Credit: Nigerian Doctors Support Group


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