What are the health benefits of unripe plantain?

Plantain, Musa paradaisica, is an household plant.
Both adults and children alike know it. Even though people are familiar with the Plantain plant, and enjoy its fruit, flour and chips, they do not pay attention to its other uses.

Roasted, Boiled or Fried

When Plantain is roasted, it is called boole in Yoruba. When fried it is called dodo. It can be turned into flour and eaten as Amala or “swallow”

Chemical constituents

This unripe plantain is loaded with numerous essential minerals and vitamins such as fiber, potassium, Iron, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B complex. It is also rich in Inulin, alkaloids and noradrenaline. The trunk is soft and contains a lot of fluid. The leaves are evergreen. When the plantain is hard upon pressing and green, you know it is unripe.

Local Names

Yorubas call it Ogede nla or Ogede agbagba, Binis call it Ogheda or Oghede, and Hausas call it Ayaba. In Igbo there are varieties of names for plantain: Ogadejioke, Ojioko, abereka

Unripe Plantain Flour

Unripe plantain flour is the product of dry pulverized unripe plantain slices.

Plantains are a staple food in the tropical regions of the world, it is rich in iron, Ascorbic acid(Vitamin C), carotene and other vitamins. Plantain flour is lower in calories than the regular all-purpose flour. This versatile crop is low in fat. Its low fat content makes it perfect for people suffering from cholesterol related ailments like diabetes and obesity.

Health benefits Of Unripe Plantain

The nutritional value of unripe plantain makes it stand out as an important addition to a healthy diet.

Alternative medicine practitioners have long approved it for the treatment of various ailments. These are some of the numerous benefits of plantain flour.

Unripe plantain is very beneficial in the following areas:

1. It improves the heart function

2. Protects against anemia and neuritis. It iron component is effective in boosting blood level.

3. Promotes weight loss and healthy eating.

4. Improves Circulatory and digestive system.

5. Contains vitamin A, B6 and C.

6. Promotes healthy bowel movement.

7. Beneficial for diabetics.

8. Builds and strengthens stronger bones.

9. Prevents ulcers.

10. Enhancing sexual performances, reducing sexual weakness, impotence, It equaly increases sex drive, increases sperm volume & thickens fluid.

11. Combining unripe plantain with spices like ginger, garlic & onions is a solution to high blood pressure, diabetes, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, kidney problems & ulcer.

12. The starch in unripe plantain helps to decrease acidity and reduce irritation in the body.

13. Unripe plantain can be used to prevent or heal ulcer.

14. It is used in herbal medicine to soothe urinary tract infections, treat sluggish bowels, reduce phlegm, heal wounds, ease dry coughs and fight skin infections.

15. It is rich in iron and potassium , vitamin A, vitamin B, magnesium and phosphorus.

16. For people with gluten intolerance, it is the perfect substitute for flours containing gluten.

17. It is high in fiber and aids in digestion.

18. Combining unripe plantain with spices like ginger, garlic and onions helps treat high blood pressure and other ailments.

19. Plantains are rich in vitamin C .

20. Plantains are high in resistant starch which helps make people slimmer and healthier. Resistant starch do not spike up blood glucose or insulin.

21. Plantains ease the discomfort associated with menstrual period.

22. Plantains are diuretic and can help to prevent kidney and bladder problems.

23. The folates in plantain are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

24. Based on the functional composition of unripe plantain and its healing properties it can be incorporated as a food thickener, eaten cooked as a main meal and used as a healthier substitute for other baking flours.

25. It boosts fertility

26. Unripe plantain can be used for swallow or amala for persons with diabetes.

27. The bark of unripe plantain is medicinal.

To get benefits take it regularly, can be taken roasted, boiled or make as fufu or amala.

Health benefits of unripe plantain
Health benefits of unripe plantain

To me unripe plantain has no disadvantages or side-effects. It is all beneficial from the root to the leaf.


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