Does groundnut cause pimples?

So guys, good morning. There is this widespread belief that groundnut and other oily foods like butter, margarine, oil meat and so on causes pimples (acne) and therefore must be avoided if you want to have a clear and smooth face.

Does groundnut cause pimples
Does groundnut cause pimples? No. It is just a myth

So I decided to sample some opinions from social media about this myth.

Below are the responses……

MEDLI the BrandArtist@dat_medli
I like drinking my garri bare, it’s not like I’m broke
You know sugar can cause diabetes, groundnut causes pimples and as for milk I have enough blood already so no need. But if you dare serve me garri without milk, sugar, groundnut, suya and turkey
Haaaaa…… Mabegi fun e ni
Nigeria Oasis @NigeriaOasis
Olugbenga Olawoye@guzelaw
Whoever thought of the popcorn for movies idea? Popcorn and Pepsi? When I open my Cinema, y’all will have groundnut instead of popcorn. Peanuts and Beer. And don’t give me any pimples story..
αкα εкρυcнι σηωα @SIRgox
Girls who can eat fried groundnut and other fries without developing Acne (pimples) on their faces don’t know what God has done for them.
At-taufiq ®♡@Dants_xie
Don’t eat groundnut, it triggers pimples (LOL)
I find this statement funny because i eat groundnut so much and yet always pimples free.
Since I was born and now I am getting old; I have never experienced pimples despite the fact that I eat lot of groundnut.
O.T Words@oluwatosin_tolu
There is this friend of mine that always warn about Kulikuli and groundnut because of pimples I be like, baba, shey na for you face?! Abeg lemme
Research findings
It is all a myth. In fact, that groundnut causes pimples is one of the age old food myths that have been passed down to generations yet there is no scientific evidence or literature that have linked peanuts, kulikuli, groundnut paste, groundnut soups it any other oily food to pimples.
Pimples are formed when the passage sweat and sebum comes out from in the skin is blocked. This passage is known as sweat pore. When the sweat pore is blocked sweat and the oily substance known as the sebum becomes a culture media for the growth of bacteria. This causes inflammation and then the pain, redness, and swelling that follows acne.
Genetically there are persons prone to developing pimples even without eating groundnuts plus other oily. Of course you may have met such individuals.
Groundnut and groundnut products are nutritious foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Please nothing should stop you from enjoying them except your are allergic to them.
Thank you.


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