On Maraji please let us have a re-think – Dr Olufunmilayo

Do recall that Maraji (Gloria Oloruntobi) made a controversial sallah day statement against Muslims and people of other faith or religion which has long gone viral and right now trending on various social media platforms.

Many persons have been reacting including the UK based Medical doctor and social media influencer @drolufunmilayo who called for love, caution and respect for rights and people’s beliefs.

Read his opinion below…


As an atheist, you believe the idea of God is stupid, nobody comes for you.

As a Muslim, you believe only Muslims would go to Jannah, nobody comes for you.

Almost every religion says non-adherents will go to hell.

But the children of Ekwensu are crying over Maraji’s comments.

As a Muslim, Some of You won’t marry a Christian.

As a Christian, Some of You won’t associate with Muslims.

Simple sallah meat, you will trash it.

And that’s perfectly okay.

It is your decision and you owe nobody apologies. So why is Maraji not entitled to her own beliefs?

The cold fact about religion is that by default it mostly makes very exclusive claims about salvation and says absolutely that only its adherents will go to a heaven and nonadherents will go to a hell.

That’s the simple fact.

Almost every mainstream religion says this clearly.

Celebrities are human beings. Like you and I.

They are people who may hold on to clear religious beliefs- just like many of us do.

It is insane, manipulative and absolutely stupid to bully Maraji into silence over her religious beliefs- just to please some sensitive snowflakes.

A true Christian believes only Christians go to heaven.

A true Muslim believes only Muslims go to heaven.

Now wether these people say or not say these things is a different thing entirely- but this is what those religions clearly teach.

I don’t get these online silly tantrums.

Every religion basically pisses off the other religion. That’s the simple cold hard truth.

You just ignore or suck it up.

And by the way, Religious beliefs as a whole can be offensive to atheists for example.

Should we all discard our religious beliefs just to please them then?

“Cancel Maraji”

“Cancel Maraji”

For stating her own religious beliefs on her own page?What exactly is driving this disgusting insanity?

Cancel Culture needs to be checked and cautioned.

It is senseless, baseless and stupid bullying that must never be allowed to go unchallenged.

Religion is offensive.

Very very offensive.

Except we are out here wanting to tell people to discard their religious beliefs for us to feel better, I’m not sure I understand what the agitation is all about.

Maraji is not the problem here.

What she said is true in her religion.

And unfortunately you must realise when it comes to religious proclamations- people will offend you and you will get offended.

It’s by nature the way religious proclamations and discussions go.

Expecting anything less or something else is just being unrealistic and ridiculous.

“Oh she should not have mentioned other religions” Oh well maybe. Maybe not.

Because her religion- just as many religions- all claim to be the only way and right way.

So wether mentioned or not, these things are clearly implied.

So getting upset over that is very laughable.

It’s like everyone of us being in different schools and each school teaches its students to believe and say “my school is the best school in the world”.

Then we say, that’s okay as long as you don’t mention my school.

Lmaoooo, that sounds cool but it literally makes no sense.

If I say “my school is the best, better than Unilag, better than UI, better than OAU”.

You can cry all you want, but you either have to ignore the claim or make the same claim that your own school is better.

Expecting someone not to offend you is just really reaching and funny.

Overall, to be clear, I won’t tweet exactly what Maraji tweeted, but I understand IF someone chooses to tweet like that. It is their belief.

It is their religion.

And part of free speech is that human beings must have the freedom to express their beliefs without being bullied.

This whole “cancel Maraji” “cancel Maraji” is really an attempt to control people, decide what they say and bully them into silence- Except they write what we like or say what would please us.

And that is exactly the disgusting sense of entitlement that must never be allowed.

So was Maraji offensive? Maybe. But contexts matter. She made a religious proclamation- which is mostly always offensive.

However its sugarcoated.

What we must never do and never allow is an attempt to gag or strangle her into silence- over a religious belief she’s entitled to.

honestly don’t get it. Any opinion that doesn’t sit well, “boycott” the brand, “cancel” the person and whatever yada yada yada that the mob can come up with all in a desperate agenda to stifle a differing opinion.

I don’t get why that must be the only way to handle issues.

Caution. Love

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Dr Olufunmilayo

Nigerian comedienne, #Maraji (Gloria Oloruntobi)


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