How often do you change your boxers, bras, underpants or underwear?

Medical doctor and social media influencer, Aproko Doctor has taken to his twitter handle to beg guys and maybe ladies to ensure they change their underwears everyday dismissing the views that having to change one’s underpants everyday is extravagant lifestyle.

Below are some of his tweets and the reactions that followed…..

Change your boxers everyday

Change your boxers everyday

Change your boxers everyday

Change your boxers everyday

Change your boxers everyday

Change your underwears everyday

Change your underpants everyday

Spraying perfume on your boxers does not replace washing.


Some people say this is not professional on Social Media, so here is the professional version:

Do well to replace your underpants daily

Do well to replace your underpants daily

Bestrewing attar on them does not negate the fact that they are due for replacement

As a matter of fact, its better you wear two boxers per day. One in the morning , come back from work, shower and wear another one . It’s not ideal to wear one boxer for a whole day

My personal rule for underwears, singlets and socks is to have what will last for two weeks at any given time. If you have 14 pieces, changing daily won’t be a problem as far as you are not lazy about washing it.

Cant imagine wearing same pant/boxer after each Bathe . . how can u wear a dirty thing on a washed body

They won’t hear! Towel can be used for a year without washing.

You see them dress fine outside but their rooms are dirty.

But wait, how could anyone think of wearing a boxer twice, even if he wore it to see off a friend?

It doesn’t matter if you wore it to see off a friend, came back, had your bath, with a view to stepping out again….

Bro, pick a new one..

Changing Boxers everyday means wearing seven in a week.

It is NOT that extravagant living in this Buharinomics.

Diseases or problems that may arise from not changing your boxers, underpants, undergarments , pants or underpants often or from wearing dirty undies are bad odour, yeast infections, pubic lice, scabies, urinary tract infections (UTI) , jock itch(scrotal eczema), itching, increased vaginal secretions, underpants stains, boils, folliculitis, and pubic sores.




Reactions than followed

Yours sincerely,

Aproko Doctor


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