What does sexual consent mean? How do you know a lady have given consent for sex?

Rape cases have skyrocketed in Nigeria in recent times. It is on the rise. It is now an epidemic.

The arguments over what sexual consent means got heated up following the revelations by Career Photographer, Busola Dakolo.

She accused the general overseer of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of raping her twice when she was 16 years of age and a virgin.

As common with most Nigerians whose response to her plight show a people that enables rape and very religious, they have taken to the Social Media handles to make comments like:

“let her say she didn’t enjoy it”

“she should be happy a fine tall man like Fatoyinbo raped her”

“She gave consent, if not why didn’t she scream?”

“She wanted the pastor to sleep with her, now she is calling it rape”.

“she dey use body find the pastor”

“they were dating, why now complaining”

” why did it take you long to report it*

“A lady even posted on social media that even a tall man like Pastor Fatoyinbo should rape her daughter, she would buy him a cold drink”.

The disheartening how some of our country men and women reacted to the saga.

It now threw up the concept of what sexual consent actually means.

Well as usual, Dr. Olufunmilayo, a social media influencer and a UK based Medical practitioner explains in simple terms what consent means.

He did not mention name though.

Read below…….

Sexual Consent is simple.

If it’s not yes,

Then it is no.

There are no maybes.

“But she wore a miniskirt”

“I wanted you to push harder”

“But he was winking at me”

“But she was grinding me at the club”

“Why will he ask my number if not sex?”

“So why get drunk then if not for sex?”

“But she didn’t scream ”

“we are in a relationship”

Sexual consent
Screenshot of Dr. Olufunmilayo’s tweet

Consent for sex

“But she came to my house”

“She wanted to sleep over”

“silence is not consent”

“flirting is not consent”

“underage is not consent”

NONE of this is consent.

Consent is clear.

If it is not yes, then it is no.

Case closed.

Rape and consent
Please read this and be guided.

#Join the War against Rape#


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