Vaginal Pearls are a scam

Vaginal Pearls are a scam

Vaginal Pearls are a scam

NO Vagina Pearl can cure fibroid, ovarian cyst, heavy menstruation, or infertility.

It can not tighten the vagina, treat thrush.

Don’t make a fool of yourself.

Vagina Pearls are a scam.

The treatment for fibroid depends on how big it is and where it is located.

A lot of times that means medications and surgery.

The treatment for ovarian cysts depend on the size also.

Sometimes it’s just painkillers, other times it may require surgery.

Pls don’t be deceived.

The treatment for thrush/Candida infection is pessaries/tablets and proper vagina care- which is mainly NEVER inserting anything into the vagina.

The treatment for infertility depends on what is causing it- if it is from the man or the woman.

There’s no magic cure.

Pls beware

The treatment for heavy periods is mostly contraceptive pills, tablets that help to control it, or treating whatever is the underlying medical problem causing it.

Your vagina does NOT need tightening.

It is an elastic slit that returns back to almost its original size always.

Don’t be deceived, my sisters.

Vagina pearls sellers are just vendors of akporo epa ijebu with shops on instagram.

They are not any different from roadside magic herb sellers who think their magic drug cures all diseases.

That they are on social media doesn’t make it reliable.

Don’t let your education be a waste.

That a person looks pretty on Instagram doesn’t mean what they are selling is automatically authentic.

Beware of vagina pearls.

There is NO medical or scientific evidence that backs up their bogus claims.

It is a TOTAL SCAM in every way.

For those who may not know, this is what the “vagina pearls” look like.

Women are told to insert this crap into their vagina and keep it there for up to three days.

Please IF anyone ever told you to try or buy this, run away from such a person.

They do NOT mean well for you.

Vagina pearls
Yoni pearls. A trending vaginal pearl used for detox

They claim it’s for “womb detox” or “vagina detox”.

That is complete bullshit.

Your womb is not a soakaway.

Why does it need a “detox”?

Besides, every month, your womb sheds off its topmost layer out as your period blood.

That’s a natural detox.

You don’t need any extra detox.

Your monthly period is your body’s natural way of preparing you for a pregnancy and when that fails to happen, the topmost layer of the womb is discarded as period blood leaving your womb feeling brand new.

That is the body’s natural detox.

You do NOT need any pearl detox scam.

They claim “oh it’s for the vagina to detox”, pls why ma?

Your vagina is not a drainage canal or a kitchen sink.

Why does it need any “detox”?

Besides, the normal odourless, slightly white or colourless regular vagina discharge you see is the vagina NATURALLY cleaning itself.

As I said in another post and explained extensively- the vagina NATURALLY detoxes and cleans itself by itself WITHOUT needing any help from anybody.

You can read the post here where I explained I’m careful detail how the vagina does this effectively.

The vagina produces its own bacteria that naturally detoxes and cleans its own environment.

It’s like having its own CIA/FBI that does the job of protecting that arena from external attack.

You do NOT need any magic pearls for this.

Please do NOT be scammed.

Beware. Be wise.

They claim if you put it there for a few days and after you remove it, you will see the discolouration which is proof of “detox”. Lmao.

They are exploiting your medical ignorance.

If you put ordinary tissue paper in your vagina for days, it will come out discoloured too.

That is NO proof of any detox. That is proof that your vagina is healthy, produces normal discharge which unfortunately has been blocked from flowing out by the unfortunate pearls that have been put in.

That is all there is to the discolouration.

Vaginal pearls
Inserted and removed yoni pearls

Nothing more. Nothing else.

Dr Jen Gunter is an American gynaecologist who has also been speaking against it.

Here is a whole article that she wrote addressing the issue.

You can read it and definitely see why NO medical doctor with his/her senses intact can advise vaginal pearls.

I would leave you with this.

Vagina pearls are at best a waste of time and money, and at worst, a risky thing that can cause you serious infections that can make you never have children or kill you if you get very severe infection that doctors call “toxic shock syndrome”.

Those that would listen, please listen

Those that will be like the proverbial dogs that must get lost would wear Airpods so they will never hear the whistles of the hunter.

I have done my bit.

Thanks for reading.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Olufunmilayo

Medical doctor and Social Media influencer


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