Pharmacies in Port Harcourt.

Do you need to buy some drugs in Port Harcourt and you are having difficulties locating a reputable pharmacy or drug store? Do not worry.

This article contains a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical products dealers in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.

I will feed you with the addresses and contact information of over a 100 pharmacies in Port Harcourt.

1. Cufour Nigeria Limited

Plot 8b lane C 3rd avenue, Eliminigwe Housing Estate Phase 2, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt.
Cufour specialized in Medical Consumables and Pharmaceutical products.

2. Stripes Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pipeline Junction after Rasa Hotels, Rumuagholu road off Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt.

3. Danrens

9, Stadium road, Port Harcourt.

4. Hysabcharityorg Integrated Services Limited

17, Omoku Street, D Line, Port Harcourt.

5. Pharmacy

75, Sangana Street, Port Harcourt Rivers

6. Wincare Super Market

94, Elekahia Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

7. Alkotem Pharmacy

193 Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

8.Amana-Peji Pharmacy

113, Old Aba Road, Area: Oyigbo, Port Harcourt

9.Benzo Generics Pharmacy

120 Okporo Road, Port Harcourt.

10. Beraton Pharmacy

76 Ikeora Street, Off TransAmadi-Ama Road, Area: Abuloma, Port Harcourt.

11. Bills Pharmacy

444 Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

12.Biomade Pharmacy

38 Igwuruta Road, Area: Rumukwurushi, Port Harcourt, Rivers

13. Capricas Drug Limited

89, Market Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

14. Dacto Health Centre

244, Sani Abacha Road, Area: GRA III, Port Harcourt.

15. Danesco Pharmacy

555, Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt.

16. Danferd Pharmacy

25 Iwofe Road, Port Harcourt.

17. Dearest Pharmacy

86 Sani Abacha Road, Area: GRA III Port Harcourt.

18. De-Elbon Pharmacy

44 Khana Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt.

19.Dooka Pharmacy

4 East West Road, Opp. UPTH, Port Harcourt.

20. Ebus Pharmacy & Variety Store

5, Eastern By-Pass, off Ogbunabali Road, Port Harcourt.


26, Hospital Road, Port Harcourt.

22. Ezdee Pharmacy

21, Woji Road, Area: Rumurolu, Port Harcourt.

23. F-Duos Pharmacy

237, Bonny Street, Port Harcourt.

24. Green Bands Pharmacy

46 Woji Road, Port Harcourt.

25. Gucci Pharmacy

5, Estate Road, Area: Woji, Port Harcourt.

26. Inomaco Pharmacy

25, Iguruta Road, Area; Rumukwurushi, Port Harcourt.

27. Jas’e’ Pharmacy

1, Timothy Lane, By Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt.

28. Justlink Pharmacy

49, Iwofe Road, Port Harcourt.

29. Kamsco Pharmacy

73, Ogbunabali Road, Port Harcourt.

30.Keylife Pharmacy

11 Nzimiro Street, Off Old GRA Road, Amadi Flats, Port Harcourt.

31. Lloyds Pharmacy

41, Agip Road, Port Harcourt.

32. Lyn Edge Pharmacy

3, Old Aba road Area, Rumuobiakani, Port Harcourt.

33. Maraloak Pharmacy

54, Psychiatric Hospital Road, Port Harcourt.

34. Medicine Mart

81, Evo road, GRA phase II, Port Harcourt.

35. Medrite Pharmacy

42, Estate Road, Area: Woji, Port Harcourt.

36.Medigate Pharmacy, is among the list of pharmacies in Port Harcourt

32, Ebony Road, Off Orazi Street, Port Harcourt.

37. Medicines Mart

90, Evo Road, Area: GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt.

38.Midline Pharmacy

330, Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt.

39.Mustard Seed

23, Woji Road, Area: Woji, Port Harcourt.

40. Nebokay Pharmacy &Stores

236 PH/Aba Express Road, Port Harcourt.

41. Neo Denmark Pharmacy

49 Iwofe Road, Port Harcourt.

42. Orientz Pharmacy

66, Aba Road, Port Harcourt.

43. Ostrich Pharmacy

1, Ngeche Avenue, Port Harcourt.

44. Osylinco Pharmacy

48,Market Road, Rukpokwu Town Hall Port Harcourt.

45. Parkland Pharmacy

8, Ezimgbu Link Road, Area: G.R.A. IV, Port Harcourt.

46. 247 Pharmacy

191, Old Refinery Road, Area: Elenwo, Port Harcourt.

47. Prince JD Whyte Pharmacy

191, Bonny Street, Port Harcourt.

48. Prodan Pharmacy

8, Old Refinery Road, Port Harcourt.

49.Riverland Pharmacy

32/34 Hospital Road, Port Harcourt.

50.Roses Pharmacy

3, OId Aba Road, Building: Ijeoma Plaza, Area: Rumukwurushi, Port Harcourt.

51. Sabheik Pharmacy

25, Harbour Road, Port Harcourt.

52. Sazel Pharmacy

103, NTA/Choba Road, Port Harcourt.

53. Sita Pharmacy Limited

350A, Olu Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt

54. St. Augustine Pharmacy

20 Orazi Road, Port Harcourt.

55. Stephen Medicals

1, School Road, Area; Oyigbo, Port Harcourt.

56. Sunnery Pharmacy

4, Wogu Street, Area: D-Line, Port Harcourt.

57. Tejod Pharmacy

175, Uniport Road, Area: Choba, Port Harcourt.

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58. T” Pharmacy

12, Oada Street, Area: Rumuibekwe, Port Harcourt.

59.Viocare Pharmacy & Health Shop

19/20 Ebony/OraziRoad, Port Harcourt.

60.Wincare Pharmacy

93/94 Elekhahia Road, Port Harcourt.

61.Wke Pharmacy

24, Aggrey Road, Port Harcourt.

62. Ausjon Pharmacy

120, Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt.

63. Best Care Pharmacy

9, Igwuruta Road, Area: Rumukwurushi, Port Harcourt.

64. Bidon Pharmacy

1, Niger Street, Port Harcourt.

65. Bydow Pharmacy

19, Agudama Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt.

66. Canomet Pharmacy

607, Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt.

67. Cedith Pharmacy

42, Lagos Street, Port Harcourt.

68.Chandra Pharmacy

5, Agudama Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt.

69.Chex Pharmacy

286 PH/Aba Express Way, Port Harcourt.

70.Dorane Pharmacy

49, Woji Road, Port Harcourt.

71. Doylec Pharmacy

80 Igwuruta Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

72.East Gate Pharmacy

7, Ogbunabali Road, Port Harcourt

73.Ebus Pharmacy

5, Eastern Bye Pass, Area: Ogbunarali, Port Harcourt.

74. Efulecare Pharmacy

31, Old Aba Road, Area: Rumuogba, Port Harcourt.

75. EI-Ancom Pharmacy

73, Uniport Road, Port Harcourt.

76. Elpac Pharmacy

4, Rumuadaolu Road, Opposite Everyday Emporium Aba Road, Port Harcourt.

78 Emelis Pharmacy

35, Ikwerre Road, Area: Milet, Port Harcourt.

79. En-Hakkore Pharmacy

14, Estate Road, Area: Woji, Port Harcourt.

80. Ensure Pharmacy

5, Rumuibekwe Road, Port Harcourt.

81. Epue Pharmacy

577, Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt.

82. Ernelin Pharmacy

338, Old Port Harcourt-Aba Road, Port Harcourt.

83. Erokwu Pharmacy, one of the pharmacies in Port Harcourt

75, Sangala Street, Area: Milel, Port Harcourt.

84. Evachris Pharmacy

136, Elekhahia Road, Port Harcourt.

85.Fannec Pharmacy

110, Elekahia Road, Area: Elekahia, Port Harcourt.

86. Fumel Pharmacy

36/16, Elekahia Road, Port Harcourt.

87.Gab Elos Pharmacy

18, Psychiatric Road, Area: Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt.

88. God’s Grace Pharmacy

38, Elelenwo Road, Port Harcourt.

89. Kebs Pharmacy

12B, Old Aba Road, Woji Road Junction, Port Harcourt.

90.Mentor Pharmacy

3, Elelenwo Road, Port Harcourt.

91. Oliska Pharmaceutical

1, King Amachree Road, Port Harcourt.

92. Roccan Pharmacy

9, Woji Road, Port Harcourt.

93. Saphonyx Pharmacy

106 Rumuola road, Port Harcourt

94. Sofos Pharmacy

Next to Everyday Supermarket, Olu Obasanjo road/Onne Road junction, GRA phase II, Port Harcourt.

95. Legal Pharmacy

669, Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt.

96.Valorz Pharmacy

38, Trans Amadi Road, Port Harcourt.

97. Vine Pharmacy

1,Agip Road, Area: Mile 4, Port Harcourt.

100. Zibroc Pharmacy

81, Woji Road, Port Harcourt.

101. Barata Pharmacy

416, Ikwerre Road, Rumuchita 500272, Port Harcourt.
0818 532 4239

102. Alpha Pharmacy and Stores Ltd.

59, Ogbunabali Road, Nkpogu, Port Harcourt
0908 476 8604

103. Cosmadu Pharmacy

70 Chinsa Road, Area, Agip Estate, Port Harcourt.

104. Care Link Pharmacy

54, Abuloma Road, Port Harcourt.

105. Kezz De Kal Pharmacy

6, Location Road Area, Oyigbo, Port Harcourt.

Pharmacies in Port Harcourt
Pharmacies in Port Harcourt. A drugstore. Credit: Flickr

106. Boltog Pharmacy

49, Market Road Area, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt.

107. Vici Pharmaceuticals

220, Old Aba – PH road, Port Harcourt.

108. Chestnut Pharmacy & Diagnostics

16B Trans Amadi Idustrial Layout, Port Harcourt.

109. Amborn Creation Ltd.

321 Aba – Port Harcourt Expressway, Port Harcourt.

110. Vomens Pharmacy

7, Andrews Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.

111. Hamson Pharmacy

178A, Old Refinery Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

112. Pills and Tabs Ltd

110, East -West Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

113. Swiss Pharma

28, Kolokuma street, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

It is one of the popular pharmacies in Port Harcourt.

114. Omega Investment

10, Old Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers .

115. Green Acres Pharmacy

70, NTA/Choba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

116. Neje Pharmacy

533, Ikwerre Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

117. Peson Pharmacy

30, Elelenwo Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

118. Sicone

116, Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

119. Juchez Pharmacy

2, Ilorin Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers

120. Lenica Pharmacy

4, Agudama Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Above is a comprehensive list of pharmacies in Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria. Please add your company in the comments section or via email if your pharmacy is not in the list. I will add you up.

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  1. Good day, kindly update this list with MEDFIX PHARMACY AND HEALTHSHOP LTD located at 122 Old Refinery Road, Elelenwo, Portharcourt. You can correspond through 08037786812.


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