Pharmacies in Benin city.

One of the pillars of health is the availability of essential drugs.

Do you want to buy some drugs in Benin-city and you are having difficulties locating a reputable pharmacy or drug store? Worry no more. This article contains a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical products dealers in Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria.

I will feed you the relevant address and contact information of the over 90 pharmacies in Benin city.

1. Josaf Pharmacy

138,New Lagos Road, Benin city.

They also have another branch at Sapele Road, Oka, Benin city, Edo state.


2. Flowell Pharmaceuticals

60,Sapele Road, Benin city.


3. Golden Berries

77, Sapele Road, Okay, Benin city


4. Cola Pharmacy

17 and 18 Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin city.


5. Levi’s Pharmacy

21,Ojo Street Off Upper Suzuki Road,

The road beside Teachers House, Ogida Barracks.


6. Edoma Pharmacy

1A, Omokaro Street, Benin-city, Edo state

7. Itohan Chemist

38, Agbado Street, Benin city, Edo state.

8. Swiss Pharmacy

77, Mission Road, Benin City

9. Ikwuson Gillway Pharmacy

27A, New Lagos Road, Benin city, Edo.

10. Ladith Pharmacy

56, Ore-Oghene Road, Benin city.

11. Odoka Chemists

89,New Lagos Road, Benin city.

12. Minolta Pharmacy

32, Adesogbe Road, Benin city.

13. Cedar Pharmacy

44, 1st East Circular Road, Benin City.

14. Joneta Pharmacy

47, Ugbowo Lagos Road, Benin City.

15. Lilaus Pharmacy

1, Ogbelaka Street, Benin city.

16. Monic Tee Pharmacy

Lucky Street, Off Benin Lagos Road, opposite UBTH, Ugbowo Benin city, Edo state.

Pharmacies in Benin city
Monic Tee Pharmacy. One of the pharmacies in Benin city.

17. Nicus Pharm. Co

73, Sapele Road, Benin city.

18. Ede Pharmaceutical Co

81, Textile Mill Road, Benin city .

19. Karo Pharm Laboratory

156, Upper Mission Road, Benin city

20. Divine Chemist and Stores

Eguavoen street, Uselu, Benin city, Edo State.

21. Nomagbon Pharmacy

47, Forestry Road, Benin city, Edo.

22. Oiwone and Company

61B, New Lagos Road, Benin city.

23. De-Newman Pharmacy

70, New Lagos Road, Benin City.

24. Airen Pharmacy

87A, Sapele Road, Benin city


25. A. N Mentus Chemists

8/21, Ikpoba Hill, Benin city

26. Teal Pharmacy

22, Benin-Oluku-Lagos Expressway, Oluku, Benin city, Edo State.

27. Crystal Foods and Drugs Nigeria Ltd

Benin city, Edo State


28. Kobams Pharmacy

59, Sapele Road, Benin city, Edo


29. Ik Pharmacy

26,Sakponba Road, Benin city


30. Donath Pharmacy

92, Sapele Road, Benin city

Edo state.

31. Apple Pharmacy

61, Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin city.


32. St Peters Pharmacy

8, New Lagos Road, Benin City.


33. Royal Okhai Pharmacy

241, Upper Siluko Road, Benin city, Edo.


34. Maseldo Pharmacy

20, Artellary Street, Benin city.


35. Thelver Pharmacy

Benin-Lagos Road, opposite UBTH, Ugbowo, Benin city.

Also the have a drugstore at Oluku.

36. Rivera Pharmacy

3, Gapiona Avenue, GRA, Benin city, Edo.

37. Safeway Chemists

3, Ehondor Street, Benin City, Edo

38. Salami Chemists

56, Mission Road, Benin city.

39. Samig Pharmacy

28, Lawani Street, New Benin, Benin city.

40. Satos Life Care Pharmacy

224, Upper Siluko Road, Benin City, Edo State.

41.Elint Chemist

59, Ugbowo-Lagos Road, Benin city, Edo.

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42. Parkingson Pharmacy

10, Ugbague Street, off Mission Road, Benin city, Edo.

43. Raytex Chemists

15, Sapele Road, Benin city, Edo.

44. Royal End and Co

29, Sapele Road, Benin city, Edo.

45. Scaf Pharmacy

142B, Upper Mission Road, Benin City, Edo.

46. Scio Pharmacy

172, Uselu-Lagos Road, Benin city, Edo.

47. Pharmaserve

71, Akpakpava Road, Benin city.

48. OskaJay Pharmacy

88, Forestry Road, Benin city.

49. Thrust Pharmacy

89, Sakponba Road, Benin city.

50. Viviski Pharmacy

9, Ibiwe Street, Benin City, Edo

51. Reovie Pharmacy

1, Ihama Road, GRA, Benin city, Edo state.

52. Syl Wright Pharmacy

1, Ogba Road, Benin city, Edo.

53. U. K. M. Int’l Ventures

9C, Upper Sakponba Road, Benin City, Edo.

54. The Supreme Chemist is among the list of pharmacies in Benin city.

It is located at 1, Oba Market Road, Benin city.

55. Steve United Pharmacy

11, New Lagos Road, Benin city, Edo.

56. Silva-Hill Pharmacy

55B, Urubi Street, Benin city, Edo.

57. Service Pharmaceutical Co.

49, Ehaekpen Street, Benin city, Edo.

58. Exclusive Pharmacy

200, Sapele Road, Benin Edo.

59. Faith Chemists

105, Akpakpava Street, Benin city, Edo.

60. Eli-Elixir Pharmacy

104, Mission Road, Benin city.

61. Enoch Pharmacy

33, Olumuza Street, Useh Quarters. Benin city.

62. Isoken Pharmacy

141B, New Lagos Road, Uselu Quarters, Benin city, Edo.

63. Femax Pharmacy

3, Sakponba Road, Benin city.

64. Frontwayn Pharmacy

45B, Okhoro Road, Benin city.

65. Fasohs Chemist

112, Sakponba Road, Benin city.

66. Family Chemist

1, Yoruba Street, Iyaro, Benin city.

67. Nandy Chemist

11, Murtala Muhammed Way, Benin city.

68. Jolia Pharmacy

13, Stadium Road, Benin city.

69. J. Odia Chemists

63, Uselu-Lagos Road, Benin city, Edo.

70. Frontline Pharmacy

4, Victory Street, New Benin, Benin city.

71. DC Kenny Ventures

28, Wire Road, Benin city.

72. Demola Pharmacy

3, Adesuwa, GRA, Benin city.

73. Dunamis Pharmacy

53, Sapele Road, Benin city, Edo state.

74. Edo Welfare Chemist

77, Mission Road, Benin city, Edo.

75. Chrisol Pharmacy

35, Murtala Muhammed Way, Benin city.

76. Clanosa Pharmacy

162b, Uselu Lagos Road, Benin city.

77. Clem Stelid

83, Benin Auchi Road, Aduwawa, Benin city, Edo.

78. Cohecpps

143, 2nd East Circular Road, Benin city.

79. Cystus Pharmacy

8, Uwasota Road, Benin City.

80. B. P. and C Pharmacy

32b, Umagbae Street, off Upper Sakponba Road, Benin City, Edo.

81. Bright Way Chemists is among the pharmacies in Benin City.

237A, Ugbowo Lagos Road, Benin city, Edo.

82. Bube Pharmacy

89, Ekenwan, Benin city, Edo.

83. CEE and JAY Co

52, Ihama Road, GRA, Benin city, Edo.

84. AC Kevis

242, Upper Siluko Road, Benin City, Edo.

85. Zoro Pharmacy

52, Airport Road, Benin City.

86. Valif Pharmacy

12, Sakponba Road, Benin city.

87. Toni Care Pharmacy

18, Erhunmwense Street, Benin city.

88. Success Pharmacy

92, Uselu Lagos Road, Benin city.

89. Bidala Pharmacy

32, Agho Street, Benin city, Edo.

90. Anka Pharmacy

118, Mission Road, Benin city.

91. Andison Charlfort and Co

9, Ogba Road, Benin city, Edo.

Above is a comprehensive list of pharmacies in Benin city.

Are you a pharmaceutical company in Benin city and your name is not on the list? Add yours in the comments section or send me a mail and your drug store will be added to this list.

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    • Please go to Airen Pharmacy in Sapele Road, Benin city. If they don’t have check the other pharmacies along the same Sapele Road.

  1. A lot of Nimedians(this blog readers) have been sending me messages messages to enquire where to get Daflon 500mg-a drug used for hemorrhoids or piles in Benin-City.
    Please you can check Airen Pharmacy and Flowers Pharmacy in Sapele Road, Benin city. Thelver Pharmacy and Monic-Tee Pharmacy also sell Daflon in Ugbowo. Thank you.


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