Have you been booked for a hernia repair but you are worried about the cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria?

How much is hernia operation in Nigeria?

A Hernia is a protrusion of an internal organ (especially the intestines) from the cavity in which it is enclosed through an abnormal or weak opening in the wall of the cavity. It is a very common condition encountered in surgical practice. Hernia is the commonest cause of intestinal obstruction in Nigeria where because of ignorance, cost of surgery and limited hospital facilities, patients may wait for a long time to have their hernia repaired and many do not seek elective repair.

Common types of hernia in Nigeria

A hernia is named according to it anatomical site; according to part part of the body it is located. Common hernias in Nigeria include:

  • Inguinal hernia: accounts for 80-92% of hernias. Presents as swelling in the groin. Can easily get complicated. Commoner in men than women.
  • Umbilical hernia: common in children. Protrusion through the umbilicus. It is genetic and very common among blacks
  • Incisional hernia: it is a protrusion through an abnormal/poorly healed surgical scar. Very common in Nigeria because of our high rate of laparotomies (open abdominal surgeries).
  • Femoral hernia: commoner in women. Not common in Nigeria.
Cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria
Inguinal Hernia: can get complicated

Causes of hernia in Nigerians

The causes of hernia could be congenital (born with it) or acquired. The acquired causes/risk factors are more and include anything, task or disease conditions that will increase the abdominal pressure like chronic cough, chronic urinary obstruction from urethral stricture or enlarge prostate, chronic constipation, heavy manual work, weight lifting, and frequent pregnancies.

It is best prevented but once a hernia has occurred, the only and best treatment option is surgery. In medical practice, hernia treatment is the work of general surgeons and I can tell categorically that Nigeria has one of the best general surgeons in the world.

Now, what is the cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria? Check the headers below..

Complicated hernia

Usually, most persons with hernia are able to push the swelling back into the containing cavity with their hands without difficulty and most hernias are not painful or tender to touch. A hernia is complicated if you are not able to guide it back in, is tender to touch, has ruptured, is strangulated or has led to constipation and abdominal pain (intestinal obstruction).

A complicated hernia is a medical emergency. Further delay in seeking medical help can lead to death. It is expensive to operate on a complicated hernia: the cost of complicated hernia surgery in Nigeria is around #120,000-#150,000 naira in LUTH, UBTH, state hospitals and federal medical centres.

In private hospitals hospitals in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Benin- city the cost of surgery on a complicated hernia is as high as #160,000- #180,000 naira.

You want to pay less for a hernia repair? Do it now. Don’t wait for it to become complicated.

Is it an elective hernia operation?

An elective surgery is an operation at the patient’s or doctor’s convenience. It is a planned non-emergency procedure. It often times done for uncomplicated hernia. Elective hernia operation is quite cheaper and cost effective than emergency. In most hospitals in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan for example, surgery on uncomplicated hernia is around #90,000- #120,000 naira. Some hospitals may collect as “low” as #80,000 in some cases. The amount of money you will pay for inguinal hernia operation will therefore be less if you decide to do the surgery as soon as you are diagnosed.

Cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria
An epigastric hernia.
Cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Location and Your choice of hospital

You will pay more for hernia surgery in commercial cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Anambra, and Ibadan compared to other states. Hernia surgery in Lagos for example, can be as high as #250,000 naira depending on the hospital. Hernia repair in private hospitals is on the high side compared to government centres.

Tests adds to the cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria

Though the diagnosis of hernia is mainly from history taking and physical evaluation, your doctor may request you do further tests like abdominal scan (#5,000 naira), complete blood count (#3,000 naira), blood grouping and cross-matching (#2,500 naira). These tests are used by your doctor to confirm her/his diagnosis, and ensure your blood volume is optimal for the surgery. It also makes provision for transfusion during the hernia operation. The cost of these tests are included in the original price quoted for herniorrhaphy in most federal and states hospitals but private hospitals will tell you to pay for these investigations separate from the money you will pay for the surgery.


Other ancillaries that affect cost of hernia surgery in Nigeria

Some hospitals especially in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Ibadan, Nsukka, and Benin-city will request that you pay for admission, drugs, and other consumables different from the cost of the operation itself. Because of the bleeding associated with the surgery and with most other surgeries, most centres will request you pay for 1-2 pints of blood in case you might need transfusion in the theatre. A pint of blood is between #10,000-#15,000. The money will be refunded to you if eventually the blood was used.

Most times hernia surgery does not require blood transfusion.


Hernia foundation in Nigeria/Free hernia surgery in Nigeria

Not everybody can afford the cost of hernia Surgery in Nigeria. To minimize the cost of hernia surgery in Lagos and other states in Nigeria, Graceland Hernia Foundation located at Lekki/Epe expressway Lagos offers free and low cost hernia surgery for the very poor and needy Nigerians. Recently Shonowo Hospital performed free hernia operation for about 200 Lagosians and they are still doing.

Lagos State govt pays free hernia surgery to be performed on Lagosians with hernia every year.

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    • You baby is quite young.What is the sex of your baby? What kind of hernia? Is it on the groin or on the umbilical region?
      If it is a groin hernia, it is most likely an hydrocele (for males).For hydrocele, it may resolve on its own, if it does not, let your baby have the surgery before he is 2years. Umbilical hernia may require immediate surgery especially if there are complications.
      The cost of hernia surgery in children is less than that of adults, it is around #40,000-#50,000 naira depending on the hospital and the city in Nigeria.
      Please note that your doctors counsel is the best. Thank you

    • Good Morning ,

      I will like to know the best hospital to carry out Hernia Surgery ?

      What is the cost ?

      How long does it tsle to ill and how long is the surgery ?

      Thank you,


  1. In year 2006 after sex I stood up with back and experienced strangulation in my stomach cavity downward hard and difficult to breath then I pushed it up and it became normal and I got relieved. It happened to me two to three times before it stops that’s after sex and I stand up! Is this an Hernia?
    Because in year 2015 again I discovered that my right groin swells up and when I went to Doctor I was diagnosed to be Hernia but up till now I didn’t go for treatment and last I was feeling pain and pep perish if I stand too long it will get hard as if it will rupture but if I sit down after sometimes I will get relieve and it will go inside but most times it will swell up with no pain and go inside itself if didn’t stand up! Since this year January I have been experiencing intermittent pain in my neck, waste, stomach I don’t know it be the cause please I need your enlightenment. Thanks.

  2. Good job docs. Please how long does hernia takes to heal after surgery? How many days before one can resume normal activities?
    Also, I had appendix surgery Dec 2017 now I have hernia. I’m scared and without much resources to do another surgery.
    Thanks in anticipation for replies.

    • Thank you Yemi. Dont be scared. The only treatment for hernia is surgery. If the hernia is not complicated, it takes you about 3-7days to start moving about and say 2 weeks to continue your day to day activities. Your doctor will counsel you to avoid carrying heavy loads and report back to the hospital if you develop cough. Please get treated ASAP.

  3. Pls j need to repair the hernia, but what are the side effect of it later in year after repair. Bcos I ave someone that have serious complication after the surgery whereas no issues for years while carrying the hernia.

    • The side effects of herniorrhaphy are minimal if done by a competent surgeon. The complications of not doing the surgery is far worse.

  4. thank u admin, av done mine @ the OAU THC last week and it was successful at a very affordable price. this docs really assisted me, thank u once again.

  5. i will advice anybody with hernia reading this article to quickly go and operate it cos aside from being complicated, it is even shameful, cos u will be hiding it and u wont be able to dress comfortably when they become bigger. Since av done mine i now feel relaxed and i wear any kind of cloth.

  6. Hi , are these prices likely to be the same by 2020 and which hospital do you recommend in the east , what are the chances of the hernia reoccurring. Thanks.

  7. Been having hernia for over 30 years. Its right on my private part and this is so embarrassing. I’m so scared of surgery. Please I need some advice. I’m based in Abuja.

  8. I have umbilical hernia. The pain comes and goes,I was told it doesn’t require surgery but I should stop lifting heavy stuff. Please what is your advice?

  9. Please, I have a son that has right inguinal hernia, he was operated on when he was 2 & half years, when I discovered it first, it was small, the doctor advised that we do the operation on time. A week after the operation I discovered that the hernia is still there even bigger than what it was before the operation and even appeared on the left side but smaller than the right side. I showed it to the Doctor, he said the child will have to go for another operation but keep postponing it. Now my son is 5 years old. Please advice on what step to take next.

  10. Good day Doctor,

    This page is really educational. My son is 6 months with hernia and hydrocele. I am scared of going for surgery because I believe he is too young. I have met over 5 doctors [both private and government hospitals in Lagos and Delta] with different advice. some said he is still young, that I should wait till he is 1year and others said I should go for surgery. I have done test. But I noticed he cries more recently. I need another opinion. Thanks.

  11. Thanks doc. for this information, your answers are very detailed.

    Please, those above 70 years, how does hernia surgery look like for them?

  12. I need advise
    Am having INGUINAL hernia
    But I saw some herbal medicine for it online
    I bought it and I stared using it like three days now
    I pray it’s work becos I’m scared of surgery
    I have some that ave the hernial he went for surgery but d hernia is back again

  13. I have been feeling hernia symptoms since my pregnancy got to around 4 months and I’ve had my baby who is now 7 months old and I have just been diagnosed of hiatus hernia. I never knew it was hernia not until I could not live my normal life again that I got to know, but I have been placed on drugs for some days, can drugs work?

  14. Doctor sir, I noticed a third lump at the left side of my year and 7 months old son groin or should I say scrotum. Please is it hernia and can he have surgery at this age.mrs


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