The how, where, types, side-effects, cost of postinor in Nigeria

Postinor in Nigeria.

postinor in Nigeria
Postinor: an emergency contraceptive pill in Nigeria

Why take postinor?

After a single act of unprotected intercourse, the the risk of pregnancy can be as high as 30% depending on when in your menstrual cycle the intercourse occurs and amongst other factors. Post-coital contraception, sometimes referred to as “morning after” or emergency contraception, provides a second chance for ladies who experience contraceptive failure (broken condom) or do not use a method, as well as for women who experience unplanned intercourse, including coerced sex or rape.

Types of postinor in Nigeria

There are 2 types of postinor available in Nigeria. We have the postinor 1 and the postinor 2.

Postinor 1 contains 10 tablets per satchet, while postinor 2 (as the name implies) contains just 2 tablets per satchet. Both postinor 1 and 2 are emergency contraceptive pills available in Nigeria. Postinor 1 and 2 contains the chemical called levonogestrel. Postinor 2 contains 750 microgram of levonogestrel and other ingredients like gelatin, talc and potato starch.

Taking postinor

The sooner the better. The earlier you take the pills, the higher your chances of not getting pregnant. That postinor is called “morning after” or “day after pills” does not mean you have to wait till the next next day. Take the pills immediately after unprotected sex or within 72 hours (3 days) after sex.

How to take postinor

There is wrong information out there about how to take postinor in Nigeria. I am here to correct that. For postinor 1, there are 10 pills in a satchet, take 1 pill immediately after or within 72 hours after unprotected sex.
For postinor 2, take the first pill immediately and the second pill exactly 12 hours later OR you take the 2 tablets at once ( this is to prevent you from forgetting to take the second pill 12 hours later)
Now if you vomit within 3 hours after taking postinor, take another postinor. If greater than 3 hours, don’t bother taking another one.

How effective is postinor?

Postinor 2 is more effective than postinor 1. Let me say postinor 2 is an improved version of 1.
Postinor 2 is about 85% effective depending on the time of usage. It prevents about 95% of unwanted pregnancy if taken within the first 24 hours. The percentage reduces when it is taken between 48-72 hours of unprotected sex.

Where can you get postinor in Nigeria?

Postinor 1 and postinor 2 are available in most pharmacy shops, health centres, public and private hospital across the various states in Nigeria. They are also available on Jumia, Jiji or Konga. Make sure you buy from established pharmacy stores to avoid getting fake or adulterated pills. Also, read the label to make sure it is not expired.

Cost of postinor in Nigeria

How much is postinor in Nigeria?Depending on your choice, postinor 1 or 2 is not expensive. Postinor 1 in Nigeria costs #250 naira per satchet. A tablet of postinor 1 price in Nigeria is around #30- #50 naira if you don’t want to buy the sachet. The cost of postinor 2 in Nigeria (postinor 2 price in Nigeria) is #300 naira per satchet. These prices may be less or more depending on the location and the pharmacy shop or hospital.

When not to take postinor

Postinor 1 or 2 are emergency contraceptive pills that are abused by ladies and women alike in Nigeria. It important you AVOID the following:

  • Taking postinor when pregnant. Though it no effect on pregnancy, it should be avoided.
  • Using postinor as an abortion pill. Postinor is NOT an abortion pill.
  • Do not use postinor more than once (some say 4 times) in a menstrual cycle.
  • Do not use it as a long term choice of contraception. Injectables, minipills, IUD are better long term choices. Remember postinor is an emergency contraceptive pill.
  • Do not use it as a medication for weight gain. If you want to gain weight please eat.
  • Postinor do not protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Consult a doctor before using postinor if you have any of the following conditions: liver disease, previous stroke, hypertension, asthma, migraine, heart disease etc. It has been found to worsen these diseases. Also medications for the diseases above reduces the efficacy of postinor.


Side effects of postinor

Just like every other drugs, postinor has its side effects. The side effects are worse with the drug misuse. The side effects are:

  • Cessation of menstrual cycle
  • Breast tenderness
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches, dizziness and fatigue
  • Spotting or bleeding
  • Heavy or scanty menstrual flow
  • Nuisea and vomitting

Any important information about the use of postinor in Nigeria? Please make contributions.


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63 thoughts on “The how, where, types, side-effects, cost of postinor in Nigeria

    1. Yes Grace,there are other methods in Nigeria.(1) The use of higher doses of oral contraceptive pills and (2) insertion of an intrauterine contraceptive device within 5 days of unprotected sex.
      But the most effective emergency contraception in Nigeria is the use of postinor.

  1. Dr. If a person had unprotected sex four days before taking postinor will it be effective? If not, are there any other preventive measures?

  2. After a surgical abortion,i had sex with my fiancee two days after and took the first tablet of postinor 2 immediately then took the second tablet exactly 12hrsi started bleeding lightly for 4Days there any possibility of me getting pregnant.

    1. there is a possibilty. but the chances are very slim. the chances of you getting pregnant are slimmmer if you take the postinor immediately after intercourse. thank you

  3. Hi, I had surgical abortion on February 6th, had protected sex on march 11th but the condom broke and he pulled out 2 second before he cum. I took postinor 1, 2 dosage after 7 hours after sex and another 2 dosage after 1 hour. Am still worried..can I still be pregnant? Should i buy postinor 2 before 24 hours? Am I saved..

  4. Hello. Good day Dr. I had sex with my BF but unfortunately the condom broke and we didn’t know. so he came in me. Then I took postinor 1 like after an hour. I took two of the tablets at the same time. I didn’t wait for the 12 hours intervals. Now my question is can it still work?. Like is it still effective now?. Cos I took the 2 at once instead of 1 then after 12 hours, the other one? Thanks in advance for your reply. God bless

  5. Postinor shouldn’t be abused …but after I had sex last week I took postinor 1, i had sex this week again I took it again. Please is it safe?

  6. I took 8 postinor 1 tablets in a menstral cycle, I am having cramps, I’m afraid, is there anything I can do to stop the stomach upset. thanks

  7. i took postinor1 immediately I had sex.. few days later I noticed that I want to vomit but am not vomiting, anytime I eat..I feel the same thing. what should I do

  8. Hello doc
    My gf and I had sex five days ago.. Although I didn’t cum in her buh she is behaving strange to me…. Can I give her postinor 2 pls??

  9. I took postinor two and the side effects I’m getting is severe waist pain, I can barely sit down because the pain is excruciating, plus I’m bleeding though not heavy like the usual menses. Please what can I do doctor?

  10. Hello doctor
    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Wednesday and he came in me twice
    I took postinor that night
    Then on Friday we had sex again but mid way he took off the condom and practiced withdrawal method.
    But I’m very paranoid about withdrawal method
    And I read that one should not take postinor more than once in a circle
    Am I still safe?

  11. Dr.. please I have unprotected sex due to the condom treat and after sex I have drink Andrew liver salt.. can it work because I don’t want to become pregnant..pls help me. Dr what will I do

  12. Please Dr I had sex with my girlfriend during her ovulation period,I
    don’t know that it was ovulation period I use withdrawal Method but not
    too sure whether little sperm was release on her so we bought postinor . Will she get pregnant or not

  13. hi my girl and i have sex and the condom broke and i come inside her she take postinor 2 tablet 10 hours after but later she was experiencing stomach pain.
    pls doctor what does that means we are scare

    1. Don’t be scared.Taking Postinor 10hours after sex is commendable. However it is better you take it immediately. Postinor has some side effects. Abdominal cramps/stomach pain after taking the drug is one of it.

  14. Please doctor I just found out that I took a fake postinor 2 today after having an unprotected sex,please what can I do about it please

  15. How many of you invited the doctor to join you in your enjoyment? One more doctor this doctor that I will come and beat you, period.

  16. I appreciate what you are doing here doctor. Pls I had unprotected sex with my partner exactly 5 days today and took Beecham ampiclux that same day because of what postinor 2 made me bleed early this month so was afraid of taking the second time because of side effects.

  17. Pls doctor i had unprotected sex with my partner 5days ago took Beecham ampiclux, didn’t take postinor 2 because I already took earlier this month pls since u say ampiclux doesn’t work what can I take now that it’s five days

  18. Hi doctor am favour I sent my first comment but you actually asked me to complete it so u can reply, All meant was that I had with no condom with my partner and I didn’t take post in or 2 because I already took it this month before, so I took Beecham ampiclux but after reading ur reply u say Beecham ampiclux can’t do the work, what am asking is pls what can I take now because its already seven days, i had a very crappy pains yesterday in my Tommy am afraid doctor pls advice me

  19. Hi doctor am favour I sent my first comment but you actually asked me to complete it so u can reply, All i meant was that I had sex with no condom with my partner and I didn’t take postinor 2 because I already took it this month before I was afraid of side effects, so I took Beecham ampiclux but after reading ur replys were u said Beecham ampiclux can’t do the work, Then i decided to ask what can I take now because its already seven (7)days, i had a very crappy pains yesterday in my Tommy am afraid doctor pls advice me

    1. The time to take Postinor is within 72hours after sex. Taking postinor 7 days after won’t work. I think you are anxious. Pregnancy is not the only cause of abdominal cramps. Please see a doctor. Thank you and sorry for the delay in reply.

  20. good morning doc,,i had sex on saturday midnight and swallowed 2 postinor 1 on monday evening can i still get pregnant?


    1. No Danfodio, it is not everyone that takes postinor that bleeds or vomit.Very few persons suffer this side effect of postinor and they recover quickly.

  21. if a girl who is not sure if a guy sperm gets into her vagina takes postinor 2 within the 3 days of sex. will she be harmed if probably the sperm didn’t get to her vagina?
    if she has conceived can she know after taking the postinor

    1. No. She will not be harmed. It is just a precaution. For the second question, if she have some symptoms and she suspects it is pregnancy, she should go for a pregnancy test to confirm it. This is the only way.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I know you are talking about Beecham Ampiclox. Ampiclox is an antibiotics and not a an abortion pill or a pregnancy prevention drug. It is erroneously believed by some persons to flush out sperm and many use it as abortion pill or an after sex pill but this is wrong and it does not work. Postinor taken within 72 hours after sex remains the best bet for preventing pregnancy. I hope this answers your question.

  22. Hello Daniel. Postinor 2 is presently scarce in the market and the pharmacies that have Postinor in stock have increased their prices for the drug. Right now, postinor 2 is between #1000 to #1,500. This information I got from a pharmacist friend of mine. Thank you.

  23. Hello house. Please be informed that the active agent in Postinor is Levonorgestrel.

    Other brands of “morning after ” or “after sex” drugs that contains Levonorgestrel and can be used as emergency contraception pills are:

    1. Back-up: produced and marketed by Marie Stopes International. The pill Back-up contains Levonorgestrel 1.5mg. The price is #2,500 Naira.

    2. Postpill: Another brand of emergency contraceptive. It is sold for #1,000 Naira.

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