Most common acne mistakes on the face and how to treat.

Dealing with ACNE goes beyond visible blemishes; often leading to emotional struggles, low self-esteem, & in severe cases, even suicidal tendencies. In a bid to improve this chronic skin condition, most people resort to ‘unrealistic’ measures, which make it worse….

What are these common measures that inadvertently makes ACNE worse?

Before we delve further, please keep in mind that the insights shared in this thread don’t stem from my role as a medical and aesthetic doctor but rather from my personal journey, having experienced severe acne since my teenage years.

Common acne mistakes
Common acne mistakes on the face

Acne, a common skin issue, has various causes like genetics, hormones, excess oil, bacteria, and inflammation.

Treating it effectively involves addressing these factors COLLECTIVELY, emphasizing their interconnected nature…

Unfortunately, when we overlook this holistic approach, we encounter challenges and inadvertently worsen our acne.

Some of the mistakes we make that worsen ACNE include:


First on our list of habits that can worsen acne is excessive face washing….

Despite the persistent myth associating acne with dirt, the reality is more complex.

Over-washing strips the skin of its natural defenses and can exacerbate acne.

It’s essential to establish a well-informed skincare routine, and seeking professional advice for personalized guidance is paramount.

The second habit to avoid is picking at your skin.

While the temptation to address blemishes directly is understandable, this practice can lead to infections, marks, and long-term scarring .

What might provide temporary relief in the moment can result in lasting consequences. Patience and restraint are crucial when dealing with acne.

Trusting unqualified advice stands as habit number three. The internet is flooded with remedies and recommendations, but not all are rooted in expertise.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying every suggestion, but when dealing with acne, seeking professional guidance is imperative.

I’ve been there and I know it’s very tempting to listen to suggestions that promise a life free of Acne.

It often ‘ends in tears’ and a deteriorating acne condition.

For personalized advice tailored to your unique skin needs, rely on a qualified aesthetic doctor, dermatologist, or a certified aesthetician (non-doctor specializing in skincare).

Another habit is neglecting moisturizing.

Contrary to common belief, proper hydration is essential for balanced skin.

Skipping this step can exacerbate acne by causing the skin to produce more oil in an attempt to compensate for the lack of moisture.

Incorporating a suitable moisturizer into your routine is a simple yet impactful step toward healthier skin.

In conclusion, Acne is more than a skin condition; it’s an emotional journey.

Let’s approach this journey with kindness and empathy, Remember, seeking professional guidance is not just a step;

it’s a significant stride toward achieving the skin you desire.

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Dr Mobola Savage



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