Does folic acid increase the size of fibroid?

Does folic acid increase the size of fibroid?
Does folic acid increase the size of fibroid? No

A lady once asked me if it is advisable to take folic acid in women with fibroids. She feared that the folic acid will make the size of the fibroid masses to increase and become bigger.

There are some other persons who believe that folic acid cause fibroid and hence women should not take it.

First: What is folic acid and why it so important for women and men alike….?

Folic acid is called vitamin B9…it is an essential vitamin beneficial for both men and women.

Around 17.5% of the adult population – roughly 1 in 6 worldwide – experience infertility according to the World Health Organization.


Folate is necessary in the body for a process called “methylation”

Up to 60% of U.S. adults have a genetic issue that makes it difficult to create the active, tissue-ready 5-MTHF (active folate) from the inactive folates like folic acid.

Another area of the positive influence of folic acid is fertility. Studies have shown that poor methylation attributable to genetic influences or diet can adversely affect fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

The risk of both infertility (male and female) and spontaneous miscarriage are connected to poor methylation. This is where folic acid comes in.

One study looked at 30 couples who had a history of fertility problems for at least four years and who had at least one partner with the genetic mutation that affects folate metabolism.

The researchers had the men and women take 800 mcg daily of a 5-MTHF supplement (active folate NOT folic acid) for four months prior to trying to get pregnant.

Of the 30 couples in the study, only 3 failed to conceive and 27 got pregnant.

This was very clinically significant, as all the couples had previous fertility issues and many had numerous miscarriages and were unsuccessful in vitro fertilization efforts. This study emphasizes the importance of methylation in fertility and pregnancy and why folic acid is super important.

It is now clear that folic acid is essential for couples trying to conceive.

ALL WOMEN OF REPRODUCTIVE AGE MUST TAKE FOLIC ACID.The fear that folic acid can increase the size of fibroid masses are unfounded ….even gynaecologist strongly recommend the use of folic acid in women trying to conceive but with fibroids. The folic acid will not make the fibroid grow fast or bigger.

I have talked about this similar topic in this short YouTube video. Watch👇

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