why is my nose big during pregnancy?

You are probably here because you are pregnant and you have developed the now famed “Pregnancy Nose”. Though it does not happen to everyone, most pregnant women will develop wider and bigger nose in the first and mostly second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Why is my nose big during pregnancy
Why is my nose big during pregnancy? Continue reading to see reasons

Many women ascribe having big nose to mean they are either giving birth to a boy while some claim ascribe it to a baby girl. To me, I will say you can believe whatever you want even though I know big nose during #pregnancy has nothing to do gender but for the following reasons below.


1. Water retention

When you are pregnant, a lot of water gather in your body normally. That is why some women will notice that their their feet, ankles and legs will be swollen. Your face and nose is not spared from the swelling you know.

The accumulation of water in your body system also affects you nose which you will notice has become bigger and wider. Some are even disfigured. Don’t worry, you nosw will return to its original shape and size after delivery.

2. Dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow to your nose during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones especially progesterone will widen your blood vessels to the nose and make so much blood to gather in it making your #nose to be #big and widened. This is also the reason some when experience nose bleeds during #pregnancy. Don’t worry, after delivery, the hormone levels will drop drastically and the big blood vessels to your #nose will shrink in size thereby reducing the size and shape of your nose back to normal.

This YouTube video by me explains the reasons you nose balloons out during pregnancy and why you develop the now famed #Pregnancy #Nose.

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3. Deposition of ground substance in the nose:

During pregnancy, additional ground substance consisting mainly of protein and carbohydrates called glycosaminoglycans is deposited in large amount in the body including the nose making the #nose #big and wide. The level of glycosaminoglycans returns to the normal after #pregnancy so your nose will also go back to its normal or pre-pregnancy shape and size.

How to prevent #nose swelling during #pregnancy

If you are among the group of women that will develop #Pregnancy #Nose during pregnancy, you will have it. The best way to prevent nose swelling during #pregnancy is not to be pregnant at all. What I am trying to say it that you cannot prevent it but you can wait it out till you deliver then it will return to its original, shape size and beauty.

Thank you

Dr Udomoh


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