Herbal Remedies that actually works….

-Drinking Zobo juice increases sexual urge and stamina

– Bathing with Boiled Akintola Leave cures malaria & Fever

– Drinking boiled Banana water cures insomnia

– Drinking Ginger water daily lowers blood sugar (diabetes)

– Drinking Snail Slime & eating Snail improves Partial Stroke

– Eating Broccoli reduces weight

– Drinking boiled Onion peels cure sore throat

– Applying Snail slime to open wounds heals it faster

– Applying Garlic water to Mouth blisters clears them within hours

– Eating Boiled Potatoes with it’s Skin help to heal wounds in Diabetic Patient

– Swishing boiled Peppermint leaf water relief tooth ache

– Chewing Pawpaw Seed will relieve menstrual pain (or blend and mixed with warm water)

– Drinking Zobo during Menstruation relief pain

– Eating Banana consistently will delay ejaculation in the other room

– Spreading Cabbage leaf on your head will cure your Migraine

– Drinking Parboiled rice water will cure Diarrhea

– Adding Lime/Lemon water to bathing water eradicate Body Odour.

Naija farmer


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