jollof rice secret ingredient list

Tips/Hacks for the best JOLLOF

1.Use quality & red tomato paste, e.g derica, sarah & sonia

2. You need a good fresh pepper base: Tomatoes, Tatashey, shombo & Atarodo, boil or grill in an oven & blend.

3. Don’t parboil the rice, wash thoroughly.

Jollof rice secret ingredient list
Jollof rice secret ingredient list talked about here

4. Reduce your water and use STEAM to cook your rice.

5) fry the tomato paste and pepper mix together with the seasoning and spices

fry well till its thick & looking like proper stew.

6) pour your rice and mix together before you add water…just enough to cover your rice.

7)after the first boil, get a foil paper and cover the rice to trap the heat in and cook rice with steam.

8) remember, you need steam not too much water to make the best jollof rice.

9) when rice is a little soft, add some sliced onions, tomatoes and margarine for intense Flavour and aroma.

10) lastly , if you like smokey rice, pls allow your rice to burnnnn!! The more it burns, the more flavour you’ll get🙂

Please note

11) you dont need a non stick or ceramic pot for jollof rice. Use Aluminum, stainless steel ..

12)use a good type of rice..

Preferably long grain , whether Nigerian or foreign. If you like basmati, use it.

If I remember more tips, i’ll share

You gat any tip? Pls share👇

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