Can cinnamon cause a miscarriage or abortion?

Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy within the first 20 weeks of gestation from several causes which could be known and unknown.

The commonest cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities accounting for close to 50 percent of pregnancy losses. Other causes of miscarriage include, certain herbs, drugs, malaria, diseases like febrile illnesses etc.

Here are some of the types of miscarriage you should know:

Types of miscarriage

Your doctor or nurse may diagnose you with the following types of miscarriage:

Missed miscarriage: You’ve lost the pregnancy but are unaware it’s happened. There are no symptoms of miscarriage, but an ultrasound confirms the fetus has no heartbeat or no present at all especially when you once confirmed you were pregnant through a scan.

Complete miscarriage: You’ve lost the pregnancy and your uterus is empty. You’ve experienced bleeding and passed fetal tissue. Your health care provider can confirm a complete miscarriage with an ultrasound.

Recurrent miscarriage: Three consecutive miscarriages. It affects about 1% of couples. Women with recurrent miscarriages should be screened for antiphospholipid syndrome.

Threatened miscarriage: Your cervix stays closed, but you’re bleeding and experiencing pelvic cramping. The pregnancy typically continues with no further issues. Your pregnancy care provider may monitor you more closely for the rest of your pregnancy.

Can cinnamon cause a miscarriage?
Can cinnamon cause a miscarriage? No.

Inevitable miscarriage: You’re bleeding, cramping and your cervix has started to open (dilate). You may leak amniotic fluid. A complete miscarriage is likely.

Now back to the main topic of this article::

What can cause miscarriage?

Infection like malaria, listeria, chickenpox etc can cause miscarriage

Exposure to TORCH diseases.

Hormonal imbalances especially women with deficient progesterone is major cause of miscarriage globally.

Improper implantation of fertilized egg in your uterine lining.

Age: older women have high incidences of miscarriage. Same with older couples.

Uterine abnormalities like uterine fibroids, uterine septum

Incompetent cervix (your cervix begins to open too early in pregnancy).

Herbs: certain can induce miscarriage and cause pregnancy loss…herbs such as licorice, thyme, black melon etc


Can cinnamon cause a miscarriage?

No. Cinnamon is completely safe in pregnancy… cinnamon is not among the herbs that induces abortion or miscarriage. There is no links of cinnamon to miscarriage. Cinnamon is safe in early pregnancy too. You can take cinnamon as a pregnant in the first, second and third trimester safely without worry.

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