Smirnoff ice side effects: Is Smirnoff ice bad for you?

Smirnoff ice is an alcoholic drink that contains about alcohol content…

Here is the alcohol content of Smirnoff ice as compared to other alcoholic drink and beers.

Smirnoff ice 5.5% (alcohol)
Heneken 5.0%
Legend 5.2%
Gulder 5.2%
33 beer 5.3%

Here is the side effects of Smirnoff ice as narrated by a lady that drank a bottle.;

“It’s about 8 years now that I took this drink below called Smirnoff ice.

“Take it, Smirnoff ice is just like energy drink and it will not harm you or make you feel light-headed or dizzy, it’s just 5% of alcohol” that was how I drank it and I didn’t get myself again, my eyes began to turn and everybody’s head became double and some even had three heads, I told my friends to take me home because mi o get ara mi mo.

Smirnoff ice side effects: Is Smirnoff ice bad for you?
#Smirnoff ice side effects you should know

I slept and woke up with headache, they said it’s hangover, the headache lasted for a whole week, since then ehn, if I hear alco, I don’t want to hear the hol that’s behind it before I run, that was the first and the last time I took anything alcoholic. Smirnoff ice can give you all the side effects you see in other alcoholic drinks…”

Either it is guarana Smirnoff ice or the Smirnoff ice double black, the side effects are the same….as those of another alcoholic drinks.

Short-term side effects of Smirnoff ice

Temporary effects you might notice while drinking alcoholic Smirnoff ice (or shortly after) can include:

🤜feelings of relaxation or drowsiness
🤜a sense of euphoria or giddiness
🤜changes in mood
🤜lowered inhibitions
🤜impulsive behavior
🤜slowed or slurred speech
🤜nausea and vomiting
🤜changes in hearing, vision, and perception
🤜loss of coordination
🤜trouble focusing or making decisions
🤜loss of consciousness or gaps in memory (often called a blackout)

Some long-term effects of frequently drinking alcohol can include:

🤜persistent changes in mood, including anxiety and irritability
🤜insomnia and other sleep concerns
🤜a weakened immune system, meaning you might get sick more often
🤜changes in libido and sexual function
🤜changes in appetite and weight
🤜problems with memory and concentration
🤜difficulty focusing on tasks
🤜increased tension and conflict in romantic and family relationships

I hope this is clear now?

Credit: Healthline


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