Addyzoa Capsules: Uses, benefits, dosage, effectiveness, side effects…


Addyzoa is Fertility drug used to treat male infertility arising from low sperm count (azoospermia), poor sperm morphology and poor sperm mortility.

Uses and benefits of Addyzoa Capsules

What is Addyzoa Capsules used for?

1. Improves sperm count

Restores balance of the HPG axis

2. Ensures morphological improvement of spermatozoa

Prevents oxidative damage to sperm DNA

3.Improves sperm motility

Addyzoa Capsules improves progressive and total sperm motility.

4. Improves pregnancy success rates

5. Boost blood testosterone

Studies have shown that Addyzoa improves functional competence and total progressive motility of sperm.

Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa fertility supplements

How does Addyzoa Capsules improve fertility (sperm quality)

1. Improves DNA integrity of the sperm

2. Increases total progressive motility and sperm capacitation

3. Increases sperm hyperactivation

4. Improves ALH

5. Increases catalase and SOD enzymes. Catalase and SOD enzymes help to reduce the oxidative stress of spermatozoa.

Benefits of taking Addyzoa Capsules

# Ensures successful implantation and reduces early abortions

# Energises the sperm and ensures better penetration into the ovum.

#. Facilitates the penetration of sperm through cumulus oophorus and zona pellucida

#. Ensures sperm-oocyte contact and release of enzyme at appropriate time.

#. Significantly decreases the reactive oxygen species meeiated damage of sperm cells.

Dosage of Addyzoa – how to take Addyzoa

Category 1: For sperm count between 5 – 10million/ml.

2 capsules three times daily for 90 days.

Category 2: Sperm count >10 millom/ml

Take 1 capsule three times daily for 90 days.

How effective is Addyzoa?

It is effective, when combined with vitamin E, Addyzoa can really boost your sperm count to close to 20million per ml

How long should a take Addyzoa?

For 90 days after which you respeat another seminal fluid analysis to monitor your progress.

Can Addyzoa treat azoospermia?

Azoospermia means low sperm count….Addyzoa Capsules can treat azoospermia by increasing sperm production and count.

How long does it take for Addyzoa Capsules to work?

The truth is you will start seeing the effect of Addyzoa after 3months and maximal effect after 90 days.

What is the best time to take Addyzoa?

Anytime of the day is ok. Morning, afternoon, or evening.

Can you combine Addyzoa and manix?

Yes…manix will take care of erectile dysfunction while Addyzoa treat azoospermia.

Does Addyzoa increase sperm count?

Yes. It boosts sperm count.

Addyzoa and clomid

Though a drug used to treat annovulation in females (female infertility), clomid is used off label to treat male fertility. Clomid help improve sperm count in males. Addyzoa is a supplement that boost fertility so you can combine it with clomid to get maximal effect. This should however be discussed first with your doctor.

Addyzoa and vitamin C

You can combine Addyzoa Capsules with vitamin C. They are both antioxidants that prevent sperm damage.

You can also take Addyzoa with vitamin A or E

It is important your find out the cause of your low sperm count and treat it before venturing into use of medications to treat azoospermia…smoking and alcohol intake are sperm killers.

Disease condition like varicocele may require surgery to take care of. Varicocele is a cause of low sperm count in men.


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