Does Goron Tula cause cancer?

Goron tula is a Hausa-fulani local herb that has found its use in the aphrodisiac aspect of life…

Many people use it even in the making of kayan mata.

Goron tula may cause all sorts of side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, allergies etc but it does not cause cancer.

Yes…goron tula does not cause cancer for those who have always asked.

Here are some benefits of goron tula you should know.

Did you know??

1: Goron tula is special fruit only found in tula Gombe state Nigeria.

2: its botanical name is Azanza Garckeana.

3: it is trickish, you wouldn’t know what to eat at first, the skin is chewy, taste very sweet after you chew.

Does Goron Tula cause cancer?
Does Goron Tula cause #cancer? No.

4: Goron tula is called snot Apple in English.

5: health benefits.
– cure chest pain
-treats cough
-boost in fertility.
-boost libido
-tackles liver problems.
-helps with solution to menstrual problems
-prevent cancer.
-prevent high blood pressure.
– lower blood sugar.
-treats stomach ulcer
-helps the eye etc

Am aphrodisiac.


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