How to get big buttocks and hips in three days…..

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The “secret” desire of many a lady is to have big hips and buttocks…she wants to be endowed as ladies like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj etc… forgetting that these ladies got their bodily endowment from surgery…yes BBL.

Now, their shake these assets before you and boom you think you can get that kind of big hips and buttocks in 3 days…don’t deceive yourself, you cannot achieve your buttocks desired size in three days.

How to get big buttocks and hips in three days
How to get big buttocks and hips in three days? It is not possible to have big buttocks and hips in 3 days or even 3 weeks except with surgery.

Don’t let those scammy slay queens on Instagram deceive you into spending a huge fortune of your money to be buying creams or oils for big hips and backside.

Think about this.

Come to think about it, how on Earth do you think you can get round, soft and large buttocks and hips in just 3 days? How? People have been on different routine for these same wish for months to years and have failed….it is not something you can get via a miracle or something….

Don’t fall for the scam ok…

Some have tried gluteal exercises, dieting and even squatting but this hasn’t worked a bit. … exercises will always make your buttocks firm not enlarged…

There are also very many super appetite medications like apetamin, apetabon, superapeti, cyproheptadine etc that helps increase buttocks and hip size by generally making you appetite by stimulating your appetite for food… The funny thing is, you lose such weight gained again within weeks of stopping the drugs. Even with apetamin, it will take you at least 6 weeks to notice any weight gain around your buttocks and hips not three days please.

I hope I am making sense though.

The bottom line of all this talks is to educate you on why you should never believe that their are certain foods, surgery, exercises, oils, creams that can make you have big hips and buttocks in 3 days or even one week. It is a scam you should avoid..

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