How to use garlic to increase sperm count

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There are many foods loaded in essential nutrients that can help improve male fertility and sperm count. Garlic is one of such foods. It is known to be a fertility-boosting food. If you’re having issues with conception as a couple, garlic can help with increasing your fertility levels. It is a simple home remedy that can either be eaten raw or added to your diets.

Not only is garlic a home remedy for treatment of diseases and conditions, it is also a kitchen spice. It is a natural ingredient that can be used to cook several dishes. Garlic contains allicin, an active ingredient that facilitates its benefits. Other key nutrients packed in garlic are: Selenium, Vitamins C, and B6.

How to use garlic to increase sperm count
How to use garlic to increase sperm count…garlic is a perfect herb for testosterone and sperm booster


Garlic is a well-known ingredient that has a lot of benefits. Some of which include: . Garlic is also known for improving fertility levels in both men and women. It has proven to be a potent natural fertility boosting food. Not only does it improve fertility levels, but also chances of getting pregnant.

As a man, garlic provides you a lot of benefits. One of such is that it increases your sperm count.

Let’s discuss the use of garlic for sperm count in details.

Can garlic be used to increase sperm count?

Garlic and male fertility have been shown to be strongly linked. This can be attributed to the powerful antioxidant activity that help fight off free radicals and oxidative stress that interferes with fertility. In addition, the presence of certain vitamins, minerals and compounds in garlic can help increase sperm count.

For instance;

Allicin increases sperm count and protects the sperm from damage.
Selenium, on the other hand, improves sperm motility.

Vitamins B6 helps regulate male hormones and production such as testosterone. It also helps build immunity against cellular damage and infections.

How it works?

Garlic serves as a blood cleanser that helps purify blood. This process ensures it is devoid of harmful substances before circulating down to the penile region. Regular consumption of garlic also allows for a healthy blood flow. A healthy blood flow does your body a lot of good. A healthy blood flow increases libido levels, stamina and sexual performance in bed. It also improves sperm count and quality, as well as regulate the production of testosterone.

How to use Garlic for sperm count?

To achieve maximum benefits of garlic for sperm count, you can follow this simple procedure.

Ingredients required:

Two cloves of garlic
Honey (optional)


Mash two cloves of garlic in a bowl
Add a tablespoon of honey, if you wish.

You can also make into a tea by adding the crushed garlic into a cup of warm water.
Then, filter afterwards, and add in your desired natural sweeteners like honey and lemon.

When is the best time to consume garlic for sperm count?

To get the best results, consume every morning on an empty stomach for a period of 3-4 months. Lastly, everything from heat, alcohol, drugs etc. can affect your hormones and sperm health. It is therefore advisable you cut down on some of these habits as they could affect your fertility levels.

Bottom line

In conclusion, garlic is good for maintaining a healthy sperm count. However, if you’re trying this remedy for the first time, it is important you see your physician or nutritionist before adding garlic into your diet.


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