How to make money selling smoothies…How to start a smoothie business from home in Nigeria…How much does it cost to start a smoothie business

How to start a smoothie business from home in Nigeria

For the past months, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how one can successfully build a smoothie business irrespective of insufficient funds.
As much as running a smoothie business requires money, I mean some good money, there’s always a small way to start any big venture.

With as little as #10,000, you can start a successful smoothie business.

How to make money selling smoothies
How to make money selling smoothies

Here’s a breakdown of your basic needs:

👉Chargeable blender- #5000
👉Disposable cup with cover( a pack): #2000
👉Knife, chopping board, apron, serviette,and bendable straw: #1,000
👉Assorted fruits- #1,500 would give you at least 10cups of smoothie.
👉Data-#500 (for a start)

🌞🌞🌞🌞Total=#10,000 naira

You don’t have capital of #10,000? Here are 4 options:

a. Borrow from someone.
b. Ask 10people for #1000 each.
c. Get a menial job with a salary of at least #1000 daily, save #500 for one month.
d. Sell an existing property to get your capital.

For a start, send a bulk SMS/WhatsApp message to everyone in your contact list telling them five things to do in order to stay fit and healthy.

You can draft your text message in the following format:

Good day Mr….

I’m super excited to know you and your family are safe despite the restrictions to movement and pandemic.

To maintain a healthy living, please include fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

Excercise for at least 30 minutes, wash your hands, avoid direct contact with Corona virus victims, sanitize your hands and stay indoors.

I have free amazing recipes to turn your fruits and veggies into smoothie and fruit juice.

Interested? Send a reply and I’d gift you a few, you can make them yourself.
Stay safe.

With love,

Smoothie Queen.

Now, you go to work.

There are already existing popular fresh juice/smoothie like:

1.Tigernut milk
2.Pine-melon Juice
3.Avo-nana combo
4.Fruit slush
5.Sweet-in-the- middle
6.Ginger and garlic detox drink
7.Go-slow smoothie
8.Pina colada smoothie
9.Mint Mojito
10.Green Island
11.Orange-pine Power
12.Chapman (made with fruit)
13.Coconut orange Julius
14. Basic Fruit salads and Parfaits e.t.c.

This list could pass as your start up menu with a side detail of it’s content.

The first seven mentioned are simple to make. As a matter of fact, you can get them around your vicinity.
You don’t have a fridge? I didn’t start with one either.

Buy very cold water and add in drop while blending.

Make your smoothie with ice cubes dropped in and blend together.
Get your phone and make a play-video of how you made your smoothie for online advert.

Tell your friends, family and enemies you now sell smoothie for #1,500 a cup.
Make sure you target people who can afford to spare #1,500 ×10=#15,000.

Then you get ready to take it online.
That’s where the real bag is.

I’d tell you how in my next post.

Got a question? Feel free to ask the smoothie Queen in the comment section.

No excuse is good enough.


Precious Ijeoma


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