How to Use Cloves ginger and lipton for belly fat and weight loss. Ginger and Lipton tea for weight loss. How to use clove to reduce belly fat..

There are benefits to having a flat tummy. For one, it gives your body a nice physique; also allowing your clothes fit you almost perfectly. Women will understand this better. It also could add to your self-confidence.

Yearn to have a flat tummy that complement your fits? Then, this is for you.

For persons who desire to lose weight and belly fat. Here is one way you can do so without any side effects- the cloves, ginger and lipton tea. A mixture of these ingredients will do a lot of good to your fat cells. However, not many know of its potency for weight loss.

Therefore, this article aims to provide you an exposure on the use of cloves, ginger and lipton for belly fat. Continue reading for more details.

But firstly, lets get to know the causes of belly fat.

What causes belly fat?

Belly or (visceral) fat is an accumulation of fats or excess weight in your abdomen over time. It can arise due to slow metabolism. This is when the calorie consumed in your meals takes a longer time to get converted into energy. They then store in your body as fat cells. However, when you have a high metabolic rate, calories consumed get burned fast enough and converts to energy. Also, the fat cells stored are used up too due to a high demand of energy by the body. Which in turn makes you lose weight faster.

How cloves, ginger and lipton tea work for belly fat?

Clove tea with ginger and lipton can help reduce belly fat by increasing your metabolism. Cloves contain anticholesteremic and anti-lipid properties; whereas, ginger contains gingerol that improves digestion, and metabolism. Lipton on the other hand, contains catechins that help with belly fat reduction. When these three ingredients- cloves, ginger and lipton are combined, they can help boost your metabolic rate. This in turn, helps with belly fat and weight loss.

How to Use Cloves ginger and lipton for belly fat
How to Use Cloves ginger and lipton for belly fat? Read this

This mixture is loaded with nutrients that help give feeling of satiety. It is composed of fiber, carbs, vitamin K, manganese, low calories content and more. Thus, this tea can help meet dietary requirements without significantly adding to your weight. Thereby, enabling weight loss.

How to use cloves, ginger and lipton for belly fat

There are various ways to make this drink. However, here is an easy direction on how to make cloves, ginger and lipton tea for belly fat.

Ingredients needed:

Lipton (1 tea bag)


In a kettle, pour in a cup of water. Allow to boil.
Blend the cloves and grate the ginger.
Then, pour into a mug the blended cloves and grated ginger.
Thereafter, add in the boiled water.
Allow the mix to sit for 3mins.
Lastly, filter out the sediments and drink the water.
For the lipton, you can add the tea bag before or after filtering as you wish.

How to drink cloves, ginger and lipton tea for belly fat?

Consume half a glass cup of the cloves, ginger and lipton tea at most twice a day. To see positive results, ensure to consume regularly for three months. Also, consume in moderate amounts.

When to drink cloves, ginger and lipton for belly fat?

You can take a cup of this mixture in the morning before breakfast. And also at night before going to bed.

Additional tips to help promote belly fat loss/reduction:

In addition to drinking the cloves, ginger and lipton tea. You can follow these tips to help make your belly fat and weight loss journey faster and more effective.

Consume well-balanced diets: Ensure your diets are more inclusive of protein and fiber foods- they help with weight and belly fat loss. Reduce intakes of carbs. Eat only healthy fats. Avoid too much processed foods. Avoid too much sugary and sweetened foods.

Exercise regularly: Not necessarily workout. You can take strolls and walks, this also helps burn out calories.

Avoid smoking and too much alcohol intake

Reduce stress


The cloves, ginger and lipton tea will undoubtedly assist you in losing belly fat. However, keep in mind; this wouldnt offer you instantaneous results unless you make the essential dietary and lifestyle changes.

Discontinue use and see your doctor if you notice any allergy or discomfort while taking this drink.

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