Does green tea make you last longer in bed? Green Tea and Erectile Dysfunction?

If you intend to increase your sex drive or desire, improve sexual performance, and make your love sessions last longer. You should read this. It is paramount you pay attention to your lifestyle- eat well, exercise regularly, avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol. Eating well for sure allows for an improved overall health, and by extension sexual health. There are a lot of benefits healthy eating can do to your system. First off, consuming adequate meals ensures a proper functioning of your circulatory system, promotes mental health and improves cardiac health. Thus, leading to a fulfilling sexual life.

Certain Foods and Drinks to Consume to Spice up Your Sex Life

In respect to that, there are certain foods and drinks you must consume to help increase your libido, and make you last longer in bed. Specific foods with high levels of flavonoids, nitrates, and amino acids are highly recommended. Foods like avocado, oysters, dark chocolate, red wine, green tea, amongst others can help spice up your sex life. However, for the purpose of this article, our focus will be on green tea. It will interest you to know that the green tea can provides other benefits, asides belly fat and weight loss reduction.

Does green tea make you last longer in bed? Green Tea and Erectile Dysfunction
Does green tea make you last longer in bed? Read till the end

What Green Tea does to Your Sex Life (Benefits)

Green tea can also serve as an aphrodisiac and natural libido booster. Yes, you heard that right. Consumption of green tea can help improve your sex drive and make you last longer in bed. It increases sex performance, and stamina, amongst other sexual benefits. This is because of the compounds and natural chemicals contained in it. They help improve blood flow and increase sex drive and libido. Keep in mind that asides a healthy lifestyle, mind and body, healthy blood flow is crucial for a healthy sex life.

Green tea contains catechins, a compound that helps improve blood flow. It does so in two ways. Catechins in green tea can help improve blood flow by getting rid of free radicals that could damage blood vessels. This makes for a more effective blood transporting system. Catechins also improve blood flow by increasing blood vessel size. They do this by eliminating nitric oxide from the blood vessel cells. In addition, green tea contains theanine- a compound that soothes the nerves. It provides a sort of calming effect, which also improves sex drive.

What Other Potential Sexual Benefits does Green Tea offer?

Other potential sexual benefits of green tea include treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and weak erection in men. Due to an improved blood flow to the penis, erectile and other sexual dysfunctions can be delayed or prevented, especially in older men.

Green tea also helps promote weight loss, prevents overweight, and reduce belly fat. Keeping your weight in check can help make you feel confident in your own body. It boosts self-esteem, especially, for the women. Healthy weight also gives you the stamina to last longer in bed, as being overweight would require more energy to function, which can get you tired very quickly.

Green tea can afford you a healthy and fulfilling sex life. It does so by promoting your mental health. Mental health concerns such as stress, depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships can disrupt your sexual life. Adding green tea to your diets can help you manage them effectively. In turn, heighten your sex drive and lead to a better and longer sexual performance.

When and How to Consume Green Tea?

Green tea can be consumed in the morning, during the day and at night, as you so desire. However, you should consume in moderation. A cup or glass a day before breakfast should do the trick. To consume, you can add green tea powder to oatmeals, smoothies, baked goods and yogurt. Also, you can take directly either hot or cold.

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