Can a nursing mother drink bitter leaf juice?

A nursing or a breastfeeding mother can of course drink bitter leaf juice without qualms. Drinking Bitter leaf juice does not make your breast milk bitter. This is because bitter leaf is not secreted or excreted into the breast milk and have no have no bearing on the taste of the mother’s milk.

Can a nursing mother drink bitter leaf juice?
A nursing mother can take bitter leaf juice…no qualms

It is even reported that nursing mothers who drink bitter leaf during have better milk let out. This is because, bitter leaf stimulates the secretion of oxytocin, oestrogen, progesterone – hormones that encourage breast milk production and secretion. So you see why it is not bad for breastfeeding mothers the take bitter leaf?

Are you a nursing and breastfeeding mother? If yes, enjoy drinking clean bitter leaf juice. It is safe and does not harm your baby.

There are however, some foods, herbs and drugs you cannot take during breast feeding.

Thank you.

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