How to use Aloe vera to cure ulcer. How to prepare aloe vera juice for stomach ulcer

Searching for a cure for your stomach or gastric ulcers? Then, this article is for you.
Up until now, an authentic treatment hasn’t been found for ulcer yet. However, medications like antacid and omeprazole can be used in reducing acidity in the stomach. Ulcer can be managed, and natural remedies have been found to help with management of symptoms. Aloe vera is one of such remedies that can be used in the treatment of ulcer.

What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a plant widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industries, and mainly for ornamental purposes. The gel-like extract contained in it is believed to be of high medicinal value. It contains antibacterial and skin healing properties, and can serve as an effective remedy for ulcer.

What are Ulcers?

Ulcers are open sores on different parts of the body: could be on the skin, eye or mucous membranes of the stomach, duodenum, genitals, mouth and arteries. Stomach or gastric ulcers are the commonest, they develop in the stomach lining. Gastric ulcers are caused by different factors that disturb the balance of the stomachs environment.

How to use Aloe vera to cure ulcer
How to use Aloe vera to cure ulcer

When there is an increase in the amount of stomach acid produced, inflammation and infection can occur in the lining of the stomach which could result to stomach ulcer. The major is an infection caused by a bacteria-Helicobacter pylori. Other common causes include prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin, stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, and spicy foods.

Aloe vera drink can be used in the treatment of ulcer. It has ulcer-healing effects similar to a common anti-ulcer medication, known as omeprazole. This medicinal drink has shown to treat ulcer effectively, reduce the amount of stomach acid, and Helicobacter pylori levels. It is considered safe for human consumption.

How to make Aloe Vera drink for Ulcer

Having burning sensations in your stomach and heartburns? Aloe vera drink is great at relieving such peptic ulcer symptoms. Not only does it help treat ulcer, but also gastrointestinal problems like indigestion and constipation.

Ingredients needed:

Aloe vera


Wash thoroughly a branch of aloe vera plant.
Cut open the plant, and take out the gel-like extract in it.
You can wash the gel-like extract to remove the yellowish fluid.
Mix two table spoons of the gel extract with buttermilk.

Voila!, you have your aloe vera drink. Have a cup of this drink daily. It is best taken on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning before eating.

NB: Do not consume the latex part of the plant. Doing so can result to side effects such as purging and abdominal cramps.


Aloe Vera drink is safe for human consumption. For effective results, ensure to consume daily. If you’re an ulcer patient, please avoid spicy foods and other factors mentioned above that could aggravate your condition. However, if this remedy don’t work for you, discontinue use, and seek medical assistance.

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