Is popcorn good for diabetics? Is cheese popcorn good for diabetics? Is smart pop corn good for #diabetic patients? Is microwave popcorn good for diabetics? Does pop corn have high glycemic index?

Can diabetics eat movie popcorn with butter? Which kind of popcorn is good for diabetic patients?

I will answer all thesw questions:

The amount of fiber in popcorn is very high, which also reduces the cholesterol present inside you especially if you are a diabetic patient.

Is popcorn good for diabetics?
Pop corn and diabetes

Popcorn is essentially a whole grain of corn that contains all its ingredients, including the bran. After eating it, it makes our digestive system strong and also keeps you away from diseases like constipation, indigestion and bloating.

Eating popcorn also keeps your skin healthy. Popcorn is not high in calories, so even if you eat popcorn in large quantities when you are hungry, you will not get more calories, due to which you will be less fat. Pop corn does not cause weight gain..perfect for weight loss.

The amount of dietary calcium is very high in popcorn, so that your bones are always strong.

According to a research, it has been found that 28 grams of popcorn contains about 0.9 mg of iron. Therefore, by eating popcorn, you will never be short of iron or go anemic.

Popcorn is very good for diabetic patients. Popcorn contains fiber which regulates your blood sugar and insulin levels. That is why diabetic patients are advised to eat popcorn.

Now to the main topic of discussion…is pop corn good for patients living with diabetes…. be it microwaved, smart, buttered or cheese popcorn. If you are a cinema freak and you are diabetic, don’t worry, you can eat movie popcorn with butter if you so desire…just don’t eat too much of it.

Now let us look at the glycemic index of the best pop corn for diabetics and see which of them is good for them or bad.

Microwave popcorn glycemic index is 55

Smart popcorn glycemic index is 55

Oil popcorn glycemic index is 55

oil-popped popcorn glycemic index is 54

Skinnypop popcorn glycemic index is 53

Glycemic index of popcorn with butter is 55


Is buttered popcorn bad for diabetics? The answer is No. All the kinds of popcorn as you can see have low glycemic index of between 50 and 55. This makes popcorn a perfect snack for diabetics. The glycemic load of pop corn is just 6.. so you can now see that popcorn does not raise blood sugar even though they are diced with sugar during preparation.

Summary: All the forms of popcorn you can think of are safe for diabetics. Their glycemic index means they do not cause a rapid rise in the blood sugar of diabetic patients when they eat popcorn.

Smart popcorn is good for diabetics

Microwave popcorn is good for diabetic patients

Cheese popcorn is perfect for people living with diabetes.

Diabetic patients can eat movie popcorn with butter.

An so on.

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