Can I switch from biochemistry to nursing? Can I cross or transfer from biochemistry to nursing?


A. Yes you can and there are several ways of doing so. Biochemistry in most universities, OAU not being an exception is majorly populated by students who have been rejected by the College of Health Sciences, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences or the Department of Nursing, mostly due to their inability to meet one requirement or the other (the cut-off marks of JAMB or the post-UTME).

There are three ways through which you can change your course from Biochemistry to Nursing in OAU and maybe other universities in Nigeria.

The first way of changing your course to Nursing is by writing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination again along with the Post UTME of the school after which if you meet up to the cut-off marks for admission for that year (Usually 80 and above out of hundred), you will be offered admission to study Nursing in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences as a Part 1 (100 level) student.

Can I switch from biochemistry to nursing?
Can I switch from biochemistry to nursing?

The second way of getting into the Nursing from the department of Biochemistry is through internal transfer/ Change of course in the university popularly known as “Leg”. But of course you can only be accepted by the Faculty Basic Medical Sciences if you perform exceptionally well in your first two semesters in Biochemistry, that is you should score at least an “A” in the following courses; Physics (PHY), Chemistry (CHM), Zoology (ZOO), and Use of English (SER). Generally a very good result will qualify you for assured internal transfer to Nursing.

Lastly, if you are still an aspiring student and after writing both UTME and post UTME you discover your score doesn’t meet up with the cut-off mark for Nursing, there is always the option of A-levels which enables you to further your studies in Nursing in OAU from Part 2 (200 level) provided also that you perform well on the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) examination. OAU also offers pre-degree courses for aspiring OAU students which prepares them thoroughly for studying in the university.

Although most times there is the situation of your lecturers not releasing you to another department when you perform very well and lecturers in your new department not accepting you when you perform averagely or too low.

Notice that in all three ways there is an attached condition which is to perform excellently in examinations whatever option you choose. This is the fundamental requirement to study Nursing in OAU. Diligence, Hard work, Commitment and Focus all play an important role in your attempt to study Nursing. Good luck in your pursuit of knowledge in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (The greatest Ife).

Shyllon Olayinka Enoch, Undergraduate student of Biochemistry at Obafemi Awolowo University

Twitter; @blackpeggy103

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