Types of nurses and salaries in South Africa… Highest paid nursing specialties in South Africa.

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Nurses are special professionals on their own and a key component of the healthcare system anywhere in the world including South Africa. Without them, the workloads for doctors will be voluminous. They are what I call blessings to the medical field. In addition to assisting doctors, they help provide care, and support to patients.

The healthcare setting in South Africa is filled with different types of nursing specialties and even medical specialties. Each performing specific roles based on their area of specialization.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Types of Nurses in South Africa

The list compiled below are ranked based on average salaries.

See the different nursing specialties in South Africa and their average salaries per year:

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)….r1,800,000

2. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner..r1,250,000

3. Cardiac Nurse Practitioner…r1,140,000

4. Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner….R1,130,000

5. Oncology Nurse Practitioner…….R1,113,000

6. General Nurse Practitioner

7. Family Nurse Practitioner…r1,110,000

8. Clinical Nurse Specialist..R1,108,000

9. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner…r1,107,000

10. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner..r1,105,000

11. Midwife Nurse…r1,102,000

12. Pain Management Nurse…r1,094,000

13. Nurse Researcher…r1,092,000

14. Nurse Administrator…r1,090,000

15. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP)…R1,080,000

16. Nurse Educator…r1,070,000

17. Neuroscience Nurses…

18. Auxillary nurses…..R11,840 per month

Types of nurses and salaries in South Africa

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): The average salary of CRNAs is R1,800,000 which is the highest paid nursing position in South Africa. Nurse anesthetists are very skilled registered nurses who work together with medical professionals such as surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists and other healthcare professionals in preparation for a surgical operation or an anesthesia-related treatment. In as much as CRNAs are highly paid, this specialty comes with a lot of complexities and demands.

Types of nurses and salaries in South Africa
Types of nurses and salaries in South Africa

2. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner: Neonatal nursing is a specialty in great demand. Their average salary ranks second after the CRNAs at R1,250,000. Their profession entails them to care for newborns till they are 28 days old. In addition, they can also help with delivering medications, oxygen and various NICU operations to both premature and ill newborn babies. Their average salary is R1,250,000

3. Cardiac Nurse Practitioner: This nursing specialty involves carrying in-depth cardiovascular examinations on patients with a heart-related problem. They earn on average a salary of R1,140,000.

4. Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner: This nursing practitioners are tasked with the duty to ensure adequate care is given to patients diagnosed of musculoskeletal injuries or conditions (fractured bones). Furthermore, in collaboration with physiotherapists and physicians, they help rehabilitate patients back to their normal or near-normal funtional state. Their average salary is r1,130,000.

5. Oncology Nurse Practitioner: These are cancer care nurses. Oncology nurses help provide information, support and care to cancer patients and their care givers during treatments and therapies. Oncology nurses earn an average salary of r1,113,000 per month.

6. General Nurse Practitioner: These professionals help provide fundamental preventive healthcare to patients. More so, they not only operate in family practices, but also in adult practices, pediatrics, women’s health etc. This is what makes this nursing specialty versatile because they can function in any healthcare setting they find themselves. Their average salary is worth R1,112,000.

7. Family Nurse Practitioner: This type of nurses train to function in a clinical or family practice with special consideration to children and adults. Their average salary is about R1,110,000 rands.

8. Clinical Nurse Specialist: Sometimes referred to as Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses, as they must be capable of working under pressure and making quick and smart decisions when it comes to matters that concerns life. Clinical nurses help with diagnosis and treatment of injuries, illnesses and diseases in patients. Average salary of clinical nurses is R1,108,000.

9. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Psychiatric nurses can work in places like correctional centers, and mental health facilities. Their major function is to treat and counsel patients diagnosed of mental illnesses and disorders. They do this by offering continuous psychological, emotional, mental, and sometimes ‘spiritual’ assistance to patients. This nursing specialty is challenging as treating mentally ill patients is demanding. Psychiatric nurses earn an average salary of r1,107,000.

10. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: They specialize in the treatment of diseases in children and teenagers. They can work in different healthcare settings like intensive care units, urgent care centers, and schools. They must possess great communication skills so as to effectively communicate with their young patients and their caretakers. Averagely, they earn salaries worth r1,105,000.

11. Midwife Nurse: It is safe to say not only women pursue a career in this specialty, men also do. The function of midwife nurses is to provide assistance to women during the period of pregnancy, labor and child birth. Midwife nurses earn an average salary of r1,102,000.

12. Pain Management Nurse: Pain management nurses operate in hospices and palliative care settings, and oncology units. As their name implies, they provide pain relief to patients, determine the causes for a patient’s pain and provide necessary care to the patient. They also educate their patients on the right kind of medications to take to be pain-free. Pain management nurses earn on an average a salary of r1,094,000.

13. Nurse Researcher: Nurse researchers help with healthcare services and patient outcomes improvement. They do this by studying, investigating and exploring scientific materials. The average salary of a nurse researcher is r1,092,000.

14. Nurse Administrator: In any health facility, the nurse administrator will ensure other nursing specialties are functioning as designed. These are members of the nursing team responsible for the management of nurses and personnel. They help coordinate nurses in various departments, manage budgets and human resources, as well as develop policies and procedures. The average salary of nurse administrators is worth r1,090,000.

15. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP): This is a specialty for people interested in caring for the elderly and old people. Geriatic nurse practitioners must acquire a postgraduate degree in geriatrics and must be trained in the treatment of long-term or disabling diseases. The average salary of gerontological nurses is r1,080,000.

16. Nurse Educator: Nurse educators are responsible for training nursing practitioners with curricular developed themselves. Please be informed that nurse educators can also be medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapists etc. They also supervise nursing students and new nurses in clinical settings. On an average, nurse educators earn a salary of r1,070,000.

17. Neuroscience Nurses: They work hand in hand with neurosurgeons and neurologists. They take take of patients with brain and spinal cord diseases….

Salary: Will be updated

18. Auxillary Nurses – These are not registered nurses of course…but auxillary nurses also called nurse assistant are trained informally to do and provide basic nursing services like making of the patient’s bed, checking vital signs and giving oral, and intramuscular medications….This is under the close supervision of the nurses.

Salary of Auxillary Nurses in South Africa: R11,840 per month


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