Best milk for diabetics in Nigeria.

I have already written extensively about the Nigeria foods that are most suitable for people living with diabetes…In this article, I am going to quickly tell you one or two things about the most suitable milk for diabetic patients in Nigeria…

Best milk for diabetics in Nigeria
Milk is good for diabetes and being diabetic does not mean you should stop taking them altogether.

To go straight to the point with wasting time….Three Crowns milk, loya milk, Olympic milk, dano milk, cowbell milk and peak milk are all suitable and safe for diabetics if taken in small proportion but the truth is, the best milk for diabetics in Nigeria still remains THREE CROWNS MILK because of its low sugar content , low fat and low cholesterol content. Three Crowns milk is better for DIABETIC patients than peak milk. Three Crowns milk have low glycemic index and perfect for sugar control but you still have to take it with moderation.

Unsweetened almond milk is also very good for diabetic patients because of low glycemic index and low amount of sugar.

Nigerian natural milk drink like tiger nut milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and fura da nono (Fulani local milk) are also very good for diabetic patients. Hollandia milk and Habib yoghurt milk are also okay for diabetics.

Now to that we have talked about milk and diabetes, high fibre foods are also okay for diabetes patients.

Fiber—particularly soluble fiber—can also lower blood cholesterol levels and slow the absorption of sugar, which is hugely important both for people with diabetes and for people with any blood sugar challenges (metabolic syndrome). Soluble fiber also serves as food for the good microbes in your gut. And a high-fiber diet will probably reduce the risk of devel- oping type 2 diabetes. Legumes in general cause less of a rise in blood glucose than foods such as potatoes or almost any wheat-based food such as cereal.

Eating a high-fiber diet may also help with weight loss. High-fiber foods generally require more chewing time, giving your body extra time to register the fact that you’re no longer hungry, so you’re less likely to overeat. A high-fiber diet also tends to fill you up longer.

And high-fiber diets tend to have more volume for fewer calories, which has been shown in research by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., at Pennsylvania State University to be a boon to weight management. In my book, Living Low Carb, I suggested that the number-one supplement for weight loss was fiber, and well more than a decade later, I still stand by that statement!

Chickpeas also have calcium and magnesium in a great 1:1 ratio, a decent amount of folate, and a ton of heart-healthy potassium (477 mg per cup [240 g]!). They even contain the powerful antioxidant mineral selenium. All this, plus the vegetable equivalent of 2 ounces of protein!

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