Alligator pepper and high prolactin: Can alligator pepper stop breast discharge?

Does alligator pepper reduce high prolactin….

Yes it does. Prolactin a special type of hormone that is secreted from a special kind of gland in the brain called the anterior pituary gland. Prolactin is responsible for the production of breast milk and also enhances breast development. In women with hormonal imbalance, they experience high levels of prolactin…high level of prolactin in your blood can make you have breast discharge (water coming out of your breast) even when you are not pregnant.

Alligator pepper and high prolactin: Can alligator pepper stop breast discharge?
Alligator Pepper as cure for breast discharge

Breast discharge in ladies called galactorrhea is a main cause of infertility women and most be taken seriously….it points to hormonal imbalance.

A lot of things can cause breast discharge, conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), termination of pregnancy (abortion ), miscarriage, cancer especially breast cancer can make “water” come out of the breast. Since the commonest cause of breast discharge still remains hormonal imbalance, I am going to tell you how to use #Alligator #Pepper can be used to stop #breast #discharge.

If you are having breast milk discharge and you are not pregnant, chew some seeds of alligator pepper morning and evening. Also, you can soak alligator pepper in water for say 24 hours and drink morning and evening to stop your breast discharge.

It is true that alligator Pepper can stop breast milk discharge in a non pregnant woman…This is because Alligator Pepper helps to reduce the excessive secretion and amount of prolactin in the blood…. alligator pepper is more or less a natural remedy to treat hyperprolactinemia and hormonal imbalance. Alligator Pepper does does by stimulating the production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a hormone that naturally reduce the production of prolactin…by so doing , lowers blood prolactin….with reduced prolactin and balance of deranged hormonal levels , the breast milk discharge will reduce and stop gradually and eventually.

Summary: Alligator Pepper can stop breast discharge and regulate the female reproductive hormones to normal through reduction in the blood prolactin level.

Please note that for unilateral breast (a single breast) discharge, see a doctor to make sure it is not cancer…both breasts should also see a doctor.

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