How to reduce breast size with Vicks vaporub.

Many a times big breasts is a problem to the ladies….it causes them severe back pain that may warrant hospital admission.

Such ladies will require breast reduction surgery….

Now , for those who that applying Vicks vaporub on big breasts will reduce their size , let me dash your hope, Vicks does not reduce breast size and neither does it make make the breast bigger.

How to reduce breast size with Vicks vaporub
How to reduce breast size with #Vicks vaporub…it doesn’t work

I feel very sorry for ladies with big boobs who battle chronic back pains and chest pains… is so terrible for them and they want out…many people advise them to to use Vicks to shrink the breasts ….but this doesn’t work.

Here are the problems of big breasts

1. Underbreasts fungal skin infection

2. Migraines

3. Shoulder pains

4. Clothes not fitting

5. Back pains

6. Problem exercising

7. Shortness of breath etc.

Since Vicks does not reduce breast size, what then does?

While physical therapy, ergonomic changes, and even pain medication are often a woman’s first line of defense, doctors agree that the only sure way to alleviate symptoms is with breast reduction surgery…..a procedure performed by cosmetic or plastic surgeon.

This viewpoints is further buttressed by Dr Jewell, a specialist cosmetic surgeon in the United States. According to the doctor; “Large breasts pose a clear and recognizable health problem and nothing works better than surgery: not losing weight, not physical therapy, not pain medication.”

Now that you can now see why Vicks will fail you in making your breasts smaller, I will advise you go for breast reduction surgery to alleviate the problems of extremely large breasts….I wish you all the best.

CAVEAT:Ladies that have very big breasts inherit them from their families…big breasts are genetic and has nothing to do with diet or exercise. You cannot also reduce breast size with food.

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