Benefits of palm wine to a woman and to a man…

Palm wine is a natural alcoholic drink enjoyed by the men and women.

In this article I am going to tell you how palm wine is beneficial to both man and woman.

Benefits of palm wine to a woman:

1. Promote breast milk production and let out:

Nursing mothers who take palm wine have been shown to have loads of breast milk to give their babies. This is because, palm wine allows the breast to produce and let out more milk for the baby. Some experts however think that since palm wine is alcoholic and it is secreted in the breast milk, nursing mothers should not take it.

Benefits of palm wine to a woman and to a man
A woman enjoying palm wine Credit: Thrill

2. Palm wine and menstruation

Contrary to widespread beliefs, palm wine isn’t actually good for menstruation and ovulation. This is because, palm wine interrupts the menstrual cycle by lowering blood testosterone, progesterone and oestrogen. The belief that palmwine makes menstrual blood flow better and less thick is a myth. Palm wine does is not also good for ovulation.

3. Palm wine benefits for the skin

Palm wine is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which is very good for the skin. Drinking palm wine can give you that shining and flawless skin.

4. Weight loss

There are comments that compared to other alcoholic beverages, palm wine can reduce weight and burn belly fat…. But there is not evidence to support this.

5. Shrink fibroids

There are claims that palm wine can shrink fibroid masses but I can confirm that it is not true.

6. Sexual benefits of palm wine to a woman

Some woman claim that palm taken few hours before knacks promote female lubrication

Benefits of palm wine to a man

Boost libido

I have meet a man who claim that palm wine makes him last longer in bed.

Gut health

Palm wine is rich in probiotic which promote gut health and aids digestion.

Aids skin health

Palm wine is a perfect drink for the skin in men.

Good for the heart

A little cup of palm wine taken occasionally is good for the heart…. It lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Palm wine is rich in potassium which is good for the heart.

Promote sleep

A cup of alcohol before bed will help you sleep soundly and cure your insomnia. Are you having poor sleep as a man, why not try drinking a cup of fresh fermented palm wine.

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