Harmful traditional practices in igbo land. Harmful cultural practices in igboland.

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Sometimes, one wonders the usefulness of the educated amongst us if some customs and traditions still persists in Igboland, south East Nigeria.

In this 21st century, aren’t we meant to DO AWAY with some harmful practices? Like have a total review and overhaul of some customs and traditions?! It’s not about emulating or copying the West, but amending or discarding some barbaric practices.

Harmful traditional practices in igbo land
Harmful traditional practices in igbo land must with continual mass education

These recently crowned Kings (within the last 5yrs) have some of the finest pedigrees, including education, yet they allow barbaric practices to continue in their Kingdom in Igbo land.

Examples of such harmful cultural practices in igboland are: sharing of widows as property, forcing widows to drink the bathwater of their late husbands’ corpses, humiliating them and shaving their heads, depriving them of their late husband’s property, laying blame of infertility on a woman, mutilation of the female genitalia (apparently to prevent promiscuity… If y’all can’t keep up with a woman’s sex drive, marry someone with a low or non-existent sex drive), depriving daughters a fair share of their late father’s property, etc.

Let’s not forget the extortionate bride prices, and burial practices, where people in mourning are forced to sell their lands and property to feed crowd. And Umu ada in Alaigbo will come to the house of the bereaved to demand for things that they can’t afford to eat in their house. Disgusting witches 😠

Like the world has moved on from some things, please move on and embrace progress instead of clinging on to the horrible practices of the past and calling it igbo culture and tradition.

Some comments:

Uzodinma Enzo

As far as I‘m concerned, payment of bride price has outlived its mumu usefulness .

Please, stop selling your daughters all in the name of “ collecting bride price“
Women are not goods and services.

Take it or leave it …. Payment of bride price gives Nigerian men sense of ownership . Argue with your husband or boy friend . A perception that is based on empirical evidence .
Reality check.

The simplest definition of price; value placed on a product no matter the token.

Payment of bride price represents one thing only “ Purchase “.

Women are not essential commodities.

I will never pay.
I will never receive.

Prince Chimieze Osuagwu

Someone called me OSU (an outcast) because my surname is OSUAGWU.
Well, I’m not an OSU. I’m 100% Nwadiala (son of the soil). Meanwhile, I don’t think anyone deserve to be called an outcast.

Many people who are claiming Nwadiala have OSU people as their destiny helpers. OSU should be abolished in Igbo land. This is just a hypocritical segregation.

Lawrence Okwa

Another unfortunate practice is the continued existence of the humiliating aspect of relegating some fellow Igbo humans created in the image of God as outcast (Osu caste system)?

Other harmful traditional practices and abominable cultures in igboland that are still very much being practiced are: banishment, cannibalism, refusal of females to inheritance, ritualism (human sacrifice), early and forced marriage, ostracism, violence against women etc.

We must all come together to stop these dangerous cultural practices in South-East Nigeria. Culture is dynamic.

Compiled by Nnadi Chidinma


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