Postinor 2 Vs Postpill? postinor 2 and postpill which is more effective?

A lady wants to know the better between postinor 2 and Postpill.

From my mail box;

Good day doctor and thank you for all you for Doctor , I am 26 years old and I am sexually active though not ready to have a baby yet. Yesterday I had unprotected sex and I am confused which of the emergency contraceptive pills best for me – postinor 2 or postpill? I have a friend that uses postinor 2 but recently switched to postpill pill because she said she experienced lesser side effects with postpill and more effective ….while there is this other female friend of mine that is a die hard fan of postinor which she claims is more effective than postpill ….I also read an article where it was suggested that ladies who take postpill experience notice more episodes of light vaginal bleeding compared to postinor. A pharmacist also told me that postinor is more effective in preventing pregnancy than postpill.

Now, I am truly confused, which do I follow? Between postinor 2 and Postpill, which more effective and which has less side effects?

I am expecting your prompt response. Thank you.


My reply;


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