Does Dexacortin make someone add weight?is dexacortin good for weight gain? Can dexacortin cause weight gain? Is dexacortin safe for weight gain?

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I had a conversation with a lady some time ago, she told me about her desire to “add some weight”. In her words, she was too skinny and needed to put on.🥴

I didn’t have a problem with the weight gain but the curve we got to was my problem. She went ahead to tell me “xasten” or “dexacortin” was the answer to her “problem”.

She claimed a friend of hers used it and she saw a positive change, in fact her buttocks and breasts came out in the right proportion.
I looked at her and shook my head in utmost dissatisfaction and decided to counsel her on the said drug.

Does Dexacortin make someone add weight?
Does Dexacortin make someone add weight?

Drugs such as “Xasten”, “dexacortin” “Yodi”, “Dikonga” are trade names for Dexamethasone ( sometimes I don’t blame the people, I blame the company marketing the drugs with such names, what are they trying to tell the public? Yodi means “bum shoot out”, Dikonga means fill up). It’s an example of a steroid. Other examples of steroids are Prednisolone, Cortisol, Hydrocortisone, Betamethasone, etc. We have lots of examples under this category of drugs that serve different functions.

Steroids are drugs that are being produced naturally by the body to help the body perform its function.

They are of two types; natural and synthetic (i.e man-made). This shows that we have steroids right inside our body which makes the definition correct.

They are very useful, just as the definition says, that they help the body perform its functions but at the same time, in excess they are dangerous.

Steroids are used to manage inflammations, allergic reactions, serve reproductive functions …etc they are that good that we can’t do without them.

Due to the side effects that come with this class of drug, people now tend to abuse it.

For example, steroids can lead to fat deposits if the use is prolonged. As a result, you experience weight gain. Mind you, steroids pose a greater threat to your immune system at this stage. You may begin to experience symptoms such as joint pain…etc

This is because you have much fat in your body.

Now tell me, what’s the essence of abusing the drug anyway?😣

Let me shock you, there are other worse cases of steroid-abuse and I’ll be sharing them in my next post.

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