Bercy Ogah: How to prevent snakes in toilets (8 ways).

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Stories about snakes in the toilet have been circulating the internet lately following the death of the lady Nigerian Airforce Personnel, Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah Ichiko, who died from a poisonous snake bite she sustained in the toilet. She was bitten by a poisonous snake while using the Water Closet.

This article will eduacte you on how to get rid of snakes in your toilets to prevent being bitten.

See home remedies to get rid of snakes in the toilets.

1) Get rid of their food supply, there food chain includes mouse, frogs, small birds, insects.

2)Seal all cracks and crevices. This steps will prevent them from entering your house. You may not even be aware of cracks and crevices even small cracks are good enough to allow them into enter your house. So you need to be sure there’s no crackers and provinces from where they can enter.

3) Clean your drainage

4) keep toilet covered

5) Use onion and Garlic, you can use any one of this or a mixture of both of these to repel snakes from your house, backyard, garden and cheap homemade solution that can be used very easily but is very effective. Blend it well and then mix with some rock salt sprinkle it in those areas where you suspect snakes can come from.

Bercy Ogah: How to prevent snakes in toilets (8 ways)
Bercy Ogah: How to prevent snakes in toilets (8 ways)

6) Use tiles in your house tiles are slippery and so it makes it difficult for them to move around in tiles.

7) Get a bitter kola sprinkle it around the edges of the house

8) Get 1 or 2 liters of kerosene pour into the WC leave for some hours then flush.


And one other thing:

Can snakes survive in soakaways?

Snakes can’t live inside soakaway. The gas alone in your soakaway will kill them. Just incase you don’t know, the gas inside your soakaway can generate electricity.

Again I ask, does the Snake live inside your poo Or they float ontop of poo?

Do you know your bathing soap water also goes into that soakaway, both the waste water from your kitchen? Do you know soaps carry chemicals that are harmful?

Again an average building has over 6 Chambers, think of it, for a snake to live inside soakaway and still find it way to a w.c, it means it must past many Chambers,so tell me. How possible is that?

Also it is completely madness living a storey building yet you are afraid that Snake will crawl out from your W.C, how? It can never happen, thats bcos the 4inch pipe that carry your poo from the w.c to the soakaway has a smooth surface, Snake can not comfortable crawl on it. It not possible.

Now is it possible for Snake to crawl out from your W.C? Yes it is. But that can only happen if you stay in a bungalow, ground floor, and you have a breakage in the service chamber that has direct link to your w.c, I mean direct link to the toilet.

So please those of you that are busy flushing fuel and salt inside your soakaway, you are just wasting your money.

So please hear it now, snakes can only come out from your W.C if you have a broken chamber that is directly linked to you toilet.

Snakes don’t live inside your soakaway because snakes too need oxygen.

Go and enjoy your poo but don’t forget to check your chambers most time.

Flushing the toilet and switching on the lights before use could be helpful in spotting unwanted insects or creepers.

Fear has torment!!!


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