How long does Postinor 2 or postpill last in the body?

A lady writes to find out how long postinor 2 last in the body.

Her message;

Hello good morning nimedhealth family. I am Tope (not real name) writing from Lagos Nigeria. Please I just want to find out something about postinor 2 and also postpill. If I take postinor 2 like say immediately after unprotected sex or a day after unprotected intercourse , and the postinor takes effect, how long will the postinor last in my body before the body breaks it down and excrete it…? How long does Postinor 2 or postpill last in the body? Is it 24hours, 2 says? 3 days ? or one week?

I need a reply please.


My response:

This is a one of the most frequently asked questions questions about postinor 2 and even its equivalent postpill. Usually, the reason many ladies and even guys ask this question is to find out if there is need to take another dose (a whole new dose of postinor 2 again) of postinor especially if another unprotected sex happens again let’s say the 3rd or 4th day ….They want to know if the postinor 2 they took like say 3 days ago (say Monday) when they had unprotected sex will “cover them” on the 4th day (say Thursday) if an another unprotected intercourse occurred.

How long does Postinor 2 last in the body?
Duration of action of Postinor 2 and Postpill

It is important for you to know that postinor 2 last about 5 days that is , 120 hours in the body before the liver and kidneys will excrete it via the urine and faeces. That postinor 2 or postpill or other morning after pills last for that long in the body does not mean it covers your next unprotected sex….the postinor 2 you took today will not cover you next unprotected sex please. If you know you are that sexually active as a woman, please seek other more long lasting methods of contraception because morning after pills will fail you some day if not soonest.

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Summary of this whole write-up;

How long can you wait before you take the morning after pill? And how long does postinor 2 or postpill last in the body?

✅You should take it as soon as possible.
✅Emergency contraception (AKA the morning-after pill) works up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex.
✅But the sooner you take it, the better it works.
✅You don’t need to wait until the next day, and it definitely doesn’t have to be taken in the morning, either.

I hope I have answered your questions. Thank you.

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  1. Comment:pls if a lady take d postinor2 is she goin to vomit,or will blood come out from her virgina?or is she goin to feel sick?an again hw many times is she goin to tk d pills

  2. Good morning I took postinur2 yesterday morning and had unprotected sex again yesterday evening is it advisable to take another dose,pls it’s urgent.thankd

  3. Pls I did unprotected sex 3days ago and took postinor2 that same day and had unprotected sex again the next day. Is it advisable to take another pill again.

  4. So it means if I had unprotected sex yesterday night and took postinor same yesterday night and then I had another unprotected sex this night, I should not take postinor again? But I can get pregnant from the second unprotected sex?
    Please help clarify, it’s urgent

  5. I took postpill after unprotected sex. Then had sex again 2hrs later. Pls will the drug still be effective or do I need to take another one?
    It’s urgent plsss

  6. I had unprotected s.ex two days ago I took postpill,still had another one that day and next and on monday,
    Is there need to take another postpill


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