Can castor seed abort pregnancy or cause miscarriage?

Of course yes. Castor seed can cause miscarriage and abortion. This is because castor seed is a uterine stimulant that helps to contract the womb violently making it to expel it’s product of conception.

Can castor seed abort pregnancy or cause miscarriage?
Yes, but risky. Don’t try it at home

It is now common practice to see young ladies in some parts of Africa, Europe and America use castor oil for abortion or for termination of unwanted pregnancy… They do this by drinking large quantity of castor oil or even putting some inside their virginia. Because castor oil is cheap, contracts the womb and can be used for induction of labour, it is now been abused by ladies to carry out abortion at home….sometimes you see ladies using castor oil to induce miscarriage for unintended pregnancies.

Can castor seed abort pregnancy or cause miscarriage?

Yes it does but it can come at a cost that could be life threatening. Have you heard of castor seed oil poisoning before now? It is a dangerous life threatening side effect that have been reported in women who use castor oil for family planning, emergency contraceptive, birth control and for abortion. There have been reported cases of death from castor oil poisoning, toxicity and overdose. Castor oil contains a poisonous chemical called riccin which is responsible for its toxicity.

Castor oil can cause abortion but here are the reasons.

1. Taking large volume of castor seed to induce abortion can make you develop severe diarrhea with associated dehydration, low blood pressure, abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

2. What is the assurance that drinking castor oil will help you remove unwanted pregnancy? Don’t be surprised that castor oil will fail at aborting the baby but will severely affect the health of your baby causing you to remain pregnant but with a deformed child.

3. Castor oil may fail at totally expelling or removing the pregnancy tissue (baby or product of conception) from the uterus. This may cause you to bleed profusely and a doctor will be required to save your life through evacuation of retained product of conception. You see why castor oil is a bad idea for abortion right?

4. Consumption of large quantity of castor oil may lead to malesterility and even female INFERTILITY.

Abortion is a very big deal that requires the expertise of a medical doctor or a trained obstetric nurse….Trying to use castor oil for termination of pregnancy falls under “unsafe abortion” , a key contributor of maternal deaths and teenage girls mortality globally..


It is true that castor oil can induce an abortion and cause miscarriage….Ladies are however, advised against its use because of its toxic nature and harmful side effects.

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