What to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria…Traditional what to drink to last longer in bed?

It is an African culture or will I say a Nigerian future for a man or woman to perform in the other room to impress his or her partner …a lot of young men out there are battling erectile dysfunction, poor erection, premature ejaculation , watery sperm and low sperm count. Infact, someone from Nigeria recently sent me a mail asking me tell him the “Nigerian remedies to last longer in bed”….I will do just that in the later part of this article.

What to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria
What do Nigerian men drink or eat to last longer in bed?

In this page , you will find a suitable drink or something to eat to make you boost your libido and enhance your performance and stamina in bed. These drinks and probably foods will turn you from a 14 seconds man to a 2 hours man in bed….you will become a celebrity in the eyes of your woman overnight because of your “oda room” activity.

See what to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria

These drinks, herbs, drugs and foods down there are the Nigerian natural remwdies to last longer in bed…..you can use them but I advise you stay away from the dangerous I termed illegal ans unsafe.

1. Kakai Bitters
2. Adonko bitters
3. Bie Gya Bitters
4. Agya Appiah Bitters
5. Chairman Bitters
6. Orijin Bitters
7. Joy Dadi Bitters
8. Pashew Bitters
9. Shatta/SM Bitters
10. Cargo Gin Bitters
11. Don Papa Ginseng Bitters
12. Alomo Bitters
13. Pusher Gin Bitters
14. Ogidigidi Bitters
15. Captains Bitters
16. Joy Twedee Ginger Bitters
17. Herb Afric Gin Bitters
18. Alafia Bitters
19. Odo b3b3 Bitters
20. Playboys’ Bitters
21. Big Boss Herbal Gin Bitters
22. Odenden Bitters
23. Nana Takyi Bitters
24. Happy Man Bitters
25. Opeimu Herbal Bitters
26. Kalahari Bitters
27. Soloku Bitters
28. Barima Nsuo Bitters
29. Boboobo Bitters
30. Piaaw Bitters
31. Adutwumwaa Bitters
32. Hammer Bitters
33. Prekese Bitters
34. Atadwe Bitters
35. Kpokɛkɛ Bitters
36. Odo aba Bitters
37. Hye so Bitters
38. To mpa Bitters
39. Atene Bitters
40. Sei hor Bitters
41. Butubutu Bitters
43.Joy sokoo bitters
43.Round 2 bitters
44.Odeneho bitters
45. K 20
46. Amotekun Bitters
47.Pasa Bitters
48. Kakaraka Bitters
49. Yaahu
50. Igboya herbal bitters
51. Action Bitters….
52. Alabukun
53. Boonfit manpower
54. Jekomo manpower
55. Senuebo Manpower
56. Baby oku
57. Mudet
58. Kolaq
59. Erujeje
60. Black Wood
61. Bajinotu Poka
62. Kogbebe
63. Dadubule
64. Scoogies
65. Monkey tail
66. Sepe
67. Bulldozer
68. Kparaga,
69. Kerewa,
70. Koboko,
71. Opa Eyin,
72. Ogidiga,
73. Wiper Bitters,
74. Edges Bitters,
75. Agbara Bitters,
76. Osomo Bitters,
77. Ibile Bitters
78. Agra Appiah Bitters
79. Gallant
80. Kunu Aya drink manpower.
81. Kunu + date combo
82. Yoyo bitters
83. Tiger nut drink
84. Water melon
85. Kunu mixed with tiger nuts
86. Red wine.
87. Burantashi (a very potent hausa manpower, it works so well but most be taken with moderation and care)
88. Honey is an aphrodisiac
89. Some men use small stout (guiness stout) as manpower
90. Tramadol or Tramal or trams is a manpower for some men.
91. Palm wine.
92. Coconut water is a potent manpower.
93. Akamu or pap
94. Guguru and epa (roasted corn and groundnut)
95. Nuts eg groundnut, cashew nut, walnut, peanuts are manpower
96. A combo of tiger nut, dates and coconut
97. Ruzu bitters
98. Bitter kola and fermented bitter kola water
99. moringa tea
100. Turmeric tea
101. Guava leaf tea
102. Kayan mata
103. Kayan maza
104. Soursop leaf tea
105. Benyllin and codeine (illegal manpower)
106. Sidenafil
107. Tadalafil
108. Cialis
109. Banana alone or banana and groundnut
110. Yoghurt can delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed.
111. Ogogoro
112. Water (for some men)
113. Goron tula
114. Colorado (illegal and dangerous)
115. SK (illegal, unsafe and not recommended)
116. Burukutu
117. Coconut water and abere helps in erectile dysfunction.
118. Okra soaked in water or simply fermented okra water. Okra water also boost sperm count.
119. Omidun (pap water)
120. Odogwu bitters

Do you know any food or drink that can make a man last longer and perform better in bed? If you do please let us know.

Meanwhile, kegel exercises and water melon juice helps a man last longer.

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