How to use lemon juice to prevent pregnancy…how to use lemon as contraceptive..can lemon juice kill sperm?

How can i use lemon to prevent or avoid pregnancy?

Please read this robust article first and make your own conclusion!

Here is a research conducted by a group of scientists in Thailand and Nigeria on natural contraceptives. The aim of the study was to determine the spermicidal effect of lemon juice and a number of other rumoured natural contraceptive herbal products like aloe vera, apple juice , and pineapple juice ….


Semen was collected from 20 men who voluntarily consented to the research. Changes in sperm characteristics and quality were compared with pure semen left at room temperature. After the semen was mixed together with lemon juice, it was found that the sperm were immobilized, inactivated, deformed and killed immediately. This effect of lemon on sperm cells was found to be irreversible as the sperm was dead.

How to use lemon juice to prevent pregnancy
Lemon juice actually kills sperm and “may” prevent pregnancy

A reduced spermicidal effect was noticed when semen was mixed with aloe vera and apple juice. However, semen mixed with pineapple juice showed or exerted the same profound effect as lemon juice. This information provided by this studies can be used for the further development of natural barrier methods of contraception.

What is the mechanism of action? How is lemon able to kill sperm?

The mechanisms for this action are postulated to be due to the high acidity (pH = 2) of lemon juice or lime which destroys spermatozoon plasma membranes.

Now, locally, our fore-mothers have long discovered the contraceptive effect of lemon juice and pineapple juice but were unable to harness it up till this day…it is now very clear that douching with lemon juice after unprotected sex can actually, flush out sperm, kill sperm and prevent pregnancy. Lemon was also found to have HIV killing ability but the research is still ongoing.

Recall why ladies use krest bitter lemon as contraceptive ? It is because of the lemon content which they believe have contraceptive property.

Inspite of all this research findings, can lemon be trusted as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy?

The answer is no….why? The problem of time. Sperm that will get you pregnant will not wait for you…immediately it gets in, it moves quickly to the egg to fertilize it….So douching with lemon postcoitus may not really help you prevent pregnancy. Deposited sperm gets to the egg within 90 seconds of deposition. It is not known whether pre-sex douching with lemon juice will work. Drinking lemon juice also will not prevent pregnancy or avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

To make matters worse, it was found that women who DOUCHE often with lemon after sex stand a great risk of cervical dysplasia , a precursor to cervical cancer.


Lemon juice and pineapple juice are natural spermicides that has not been harnessed…their spermicidal quality is not in doubt but the truth is right now, lemon juice and pineapple juice cannot prevent pregnancy.

Postinor and other emergency contraceptive pills are still your surest bet please.

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