Womb massage for fertility in Nigeria….All you need to know about traditional womb massage and traditional Ijaw womb setting in Nigeria.

Womb massage is a very common practice among the Urhobo people , Asaba people, Ijaw people (Bayelsa), itsekiri people and sometimes the Igbo , Yoruba and some tribes in northern Nigeria.

Women do womb massaging for different reasons and there are different womb massage therapist in Nigeria.. Most persons that do womb massage therapy are old women found especially among the riverine areas of Urhobo, Ijaw and itsekiri rural communities ….it is now becoming a big business as high society ladies move from cities to rural areas for womb massage .

Womb massage for fertility in Nigeria
Womb massage for fertility in Nigeria

Some women have for long listed out the benefits of traditional womb massage.According to a lady I interviewed in Warri Delta state, womb massage helps to clean the womb, reset the womb, place the womb in the right position for pregnancy, fix womb prolapse, helps a woman conceive faster, cures infertility , gives a woman twins and treats menstrual pains and menstrual irregularity. She said her mother is an expert womb(uterus) massage therapist based in Abraka and women of all ages (18 – 40 years) visit her to get their womb massage for a token…She said right now her grandma charges about #5000 – #10,000 naira for womb massage. My informant told me that some spas and fertility homes in Lagos Nigeria charges as high as #50,000 naira for womb massage depending on the type of womb massage or reset you want.

See the womb massage testimonies from the women who have done womb massage therapy in the past.

Recently I monitored a documentary on womb massage carried out by BBC and here are some of the important comments on womb massage i culled:

Gloria Enehi

Many mothers and grand mothers know much about this traditional way on how to position the womb and it works naturally though it’s painful but without any side effects so I think it’s a good idea to give a try. May God bless them all.

Hamdalah Sanni Mayegun

My boss have her womb massage therapy done in lagos to cure her infertility problems but na ijaw people massage her and she got pregnant , after all d medical tests and alot of story from the doctor but thank God she have 3kids now.

Enongene Doreen

I had womb massage therapy before I was pregnant for my first son ,it really helped me during childbirth. Ohhh dat papa is of late now I really do miss him .they can equally turn e Beby from breached to a better position without any operation during childbirth trust me dis pipo r good I wht they do .am a Cameroonian but dat papa was a Nigerian very good .I wish I could meet one again .

Qordeejah Adedolapo Orunto

Uterine or womb massage was what my mom went through to give birth to me almost 4 decades ago,she told me it was one uhrobo granny that helped her then and the granny didn’t collect a dime,she concieved after 3months and gave birth to me after 5years of waiting.

Millicent Asiamah

Womb massage painful but I believe it works. These women who massage wombs were our midwives and gynecologists before we knew about foreign medicine.

Abbie Nais Lenashe

The maasai tribe in kenya do womb massage perfectly and the midwives correct even breech birth during labour through massage. Superb

Heidi Rose

I’m from Trinidad 🇹🇹and we had older women who practiced this “womb massaging therapy “. many of them have died now and the younger generation never learnt it. Alot of women would go to these ladies to “set their womb back in place” especially after giving birth or if they lifted something heavy and the womb dropped or suffered abdominal strain etc.

Vivian Chy

I could remember when I was pregnant my baby didn’t position well and doctor was saying he will use operation to deliver the baby for me but I went for this from one old woman and this almost how they set my baby position in the womb and I delivered safely without operation..my doctor was like…wow! How come?

Ogechi Franca

I did womb massage in bayelsa 4yrs back and it work 4me in less Dan 2weeks and I also did it in Lagos here at orile and it work 2.and am a proud mother of two boys all tanks to God Almighty and mama

Nogie Asoronye Agho

Most women won’t conceive unless they go for womb setting…even after treating for infection for both partners, boosting of sperm count for men , taking of fertility drugs the womb still needs to be set to put it in position… although it’s very painful but it’s worth it..

Basil Ovu

Womb massage works wonders. I witnessed it first hand in 2017. It also helps with fibroids as it makes them shrink or disappear completely when the woman is placed on the right diet.

Dearest Lyon

Fertility womb Massaging is the best to me, i could remember wen my dr told me i can never get pregnant in life again i was mad nd months later my mom came nd took me to Bayelsa for womb massage nd i stayed 3 days came bk to meet my husband nd jst in a space of a month i got pregnant nd today am a mother of 3 lovely kids.

A doctor calls for caution and the possible side effects and complications of womb massage, another says womb massage does not work:

Okonkwo Chukwudi Obiajulu

I bi Dokinta, my advice na abeg be careful. I no doubt the teknik but the thing wey i dey talk bi say abeg take am easy, no come go hospital wen you don get complications abeg. We no get any research wey talk say the thing dey work, so abeg make sure you don first talk to dokinta, go for lab do test with oga, before you come start this, make sure you don do everything wey dokinta talk. Dokinta we dey help women comot pikin dey also rotate pikin wey i’m position no dey good for i’m mama belle. Na i’m bi the reason wey i talk say i no doubt the teknik.

Nake Matthew

The way medicine and IVF can fail that’s how massage can also fail. I massaged my womb with different hands here in Bayelsa for over 3yrs no result. I later met the one that worked with my system, praise be to God, this was after so many failed medical attempts including IVF….. Problems women go through, pray for God to direct your steps.


All the comments above points to the fact that only problems emanating from the womb can cause infertility in woman….I also noticed they are praising womb massage as the solution to all OK INFERTILTY issues including fibroids….well, it is important to let you know that womb massage does not solve the hormonal problems that can cause infertility. Same way, even if the womb is well positioned or set, male infertility is also a problem. Aside from pains, massaging the womb can have very dangerous side effects like uterine prolapse, hemorroids, vaginal prolapse etc. Be watchful!

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