Fenugreek breastfeeding side effects for baby.

Some nursing mothers take fenugreek to increase their breast milk production…Fenugreek consumes by breastfeeding mothers find its way into the breastmilk….fenugreek is secreted into breast milk. So, babies indirectly or directly now get fenugreek laden breast milk form their mothers and this is not without side effects…Fenugreek is not really safe in babies as their gastrointestinal system find it difficult to tolerate and digest it…Fenugreek laden breast milk troubles the gut of your infant babies in so many ways .

Here are some side effects the babies of breast feeding mothers who consume fenugreek are most likely to suffer.

1. Indigestion

BREASTFEEDING mothers who consume fenugreek have reported symptoms suggestive if indigestion , flatulence , and stomach bloating in their babies…indigestion in these babies make them fussy and inconsolable when they cry.

2. Infant colic/abdominal pains.

Fenugreek ingested by babies from the breast milk of their mothers can cause colicky abdominal pains known as infant colic. Mothers who consume fenugreek have complained of noticing their babies writhe on their tummies in pains after giving them breast milk. Infant colic is a serious cause of concern in nursing mothers. One of the mothers who enjoy eating fenugreek said she stopped taking it when she noticed that her baby become too fussy after breastfeeding her.

Fenugreek breastfeeding side effects for baby
Fenugreek breastfeeding side effects for baby

3. Bloating.

It is a well known side effect that fenugreek causes bloating, smelly belching and abdominal
tightness in babies…..

4. Maple syrup smell

When fenugreek is metabolised and broken down by the body, it smells just like maple syrup. One of the mothers complained that she noticed the pop and sweat of of her baby smells like curry or maple syrup….she never like such bad body odor so she had to stop taking fenugreek when she realised her child is probably getting it from her breast milk.

5. Fussiness

When have already talked about the fussiness and irritable nature if children that get fenugreek from the breastmilk of their mothers. This irritability and fussy feeling is caused by the colic, indigestion amd bloating suffered by the babies.

6. Diarrhoea.

Fenugreek can cause acute watery diarrhoea ain baies of mothers who consume lots of fenugreek for increased milk supply. You will notice this when you observe the smell of your baby’s stool is like that of maple syrup. Stop immediately .

7. Constipation.

Yes, it is no longer news that children who indirectly consume fenugreek from the breastmilk of their mothers suffer some form of chronic constipation with associated abdominal swelling ans pains.


BREASTFEEDING mothers should not consume fenugreek because of the health and well-being of their babies. Their babies suffer some form of health challenging side effects caused by the fenugreek in their breast milk….dont use fenugreek to increase your breast milk supply…..See a doctor if you notice poor milk let-down.

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