How to get a bigger buttocks with fish oil and vitamin E…. Fish oil and vitamin e before and after

We are the age where big buttocks, big breasts, and bug hips means everything to the world and i don’t know why…. Many ladies have tried so many creams and oils to for buttocks enlargement… Some have used macaroni roots, fenugreek oils, Akpi seed oil, another curves, C4 pills, vaseline, Shea butter and many more.

How to get a bigger buttocks with fish oil and vitamin E
Fish oil and vitamin E is good for the skin and not for buttocks enlargement

Now, just recently I read on facebook that mixing fish oil and vitamin E and thereafter rubbing it or applying it on the buttocks , hips and breasts morning and evening will make them bigger within 3 weeks or so. I have spoken with a lady who claimed that she developed big hips and buttocks 4 weeks after applying #fish oil and vitamin E on her “flat buttocks”. I later found out that she did not use vitamin E and fish oil treatment achieve that, she did liposuction and fat transfer to her buttocks… a procedure that cost millions of Naira.

The truth:

#Fish oil and #vitamin E does not make buttocks #bigger, rounder and curvier… The users of vitamin and fish oil for enlargement will tell you it mobilizes fat distribution to your hips, buttocks and breasts.It is a myth. Most of the persons telling you to use fish oil and vitamin E know they are lying to you…. The before and after pictures of breast, hips, buttocks enlargement you see displayed on social media following use of fish oil and vitamin E are false… It is either not their true pictures, or they actually got the hips and buttocks from cosmetic surgery.

That said… It is important for you to know that #fish oil and vitamin E may not #enlarge your buttocks, hips or breasts, but applying it can be very beneficial to your skin.

#Fish oil and #vitamin E also work in combination to promote skin health. Omega-3 fatty acids in your skin help protect your skin from sun damage because they minimize damage to collagen — the protein destroyed by the sun’s harmful rays. The fats in fish oil also have an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin, which can help soothe redness and irritation. Like fish oil, vitamin E prevents sun damage — its antioxidant action helps neutralize toxic free radicals, which are created as a side effect of sun exposure, and #vitamin E also aids in wound healing. #Fish oil and vitamin E also prevents wrinkling and strengthens the collagen in your skin…. They are anti-aging.

In summary, fish oil and #vitamin E will not make your #buttocks fatter, rounder or bigger… bit they are sure good for your skin.

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