Bournvita and milo which is better?

The two most popular Nigerian beverage brands: Bournvita from the production line of Cadbury Nigeria Plc, and Milo, manufactured by Nestlé Nigeria Plc are undoubtedly the biggest players in Nigeria’s cocoa beverage market today. Other beverage brands like ovaltine, horlicks, cowbell choco are still crawling in the market compared to #milo and #bournvita…

In this article, i want to pitch #milo against bournvita to see which one is better based on peoples perspective or choices.

#Bournvita Vs #Milo: which is preferable?

Madam itoro

I prefer #bournvita to #milo…i think bournvita is more original…bournvita is more natural than milo. Bournvita has more cocoa than #milo.


Milo has more sugar compared to #bournvita. Bournvita can easily cake when compared milo and because of this , the sales of milo is higher than that of bournvita. In terms of energy, milo contains more calories and sugar so #milo energizes more than bournvita….milo is more for children these days while #bournvita is for adults.

Milo Vs Bournvita: Bournvita and milo which is better?
#Milo Vs #Bournvita: which is better?


I prefer #milo to #bournvita because it tastes better..


Milo is better than #bournvita because milo is sweeter and bournvita has a bitter taste or after taste. Milo is better preserve than #bournvita …#bournvita cakes easily when exposed to air.

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I have children at home and i released they prefer milo chocolate drink to #bournvita because it is sweeter ….Bournvita also cakes easily when exposed to air or water. #Milo is better than bournvita to me (with these reasons).

Samuel (a marketer)

Eventhough both bournvita and #milo are both nitrient filled and are composed of same ingredients or nutritional info, milo has slightly more sugar and it actually sweeter. People actually prefer milo to #bournvita nowadays, #milo is believed to have a smoother taste and dissolves faster and better in both hot and cold water compared to bournvita.

Corper adewale

Milo has a smooth texture which easily bends or dissolves in water. This makes it easier and faster to make. Many consumers of #bournvita and #milo have complained that #bournvita grains require smashing into submission in water without which the grains would float on the surface, distorting the composition and taste of the drink. Milo dissolves freely.

Mama Ejiro

As a mother and with consideration to the recent economic realities of the country aggravated by coronavirus pandemic, one have to buy wisely to safe cost……Bournvita has a longer expiration lifespan compared to #milo. It expires after 2 years, compared to Milo is 1 year 6 months. This is significant.

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These are just people’s opinions. Both #milo and #bournvita have chocolatey taste, nutritious and enjoyable. The differences between #bournvita and #milo are insignificant.

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  1. Bournvita has it all thou it cake easily when exposed to air or water
    but it has more nutritional value than milo, milo has sugar and bournvita has no sugar, it’s natural and milo is not and bournvita has fat milo does not have fat. bournvita is just the best.


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